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Gas Prices Are Rising: Some Tips To Make Gas Last

Anyone else planning a stay-cation this summer? With waiting lines like this and gas prices the way they are, you’re likely not alone. Despite predictions this past spring that your car’s diet would be fund friendly this summer, it seems as though that may not come to pass after all. High demand, fewer supplies than anticipated, and declining production are …

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Gas Prices Are Rising, Will Likely Continue to Go Up

After gas prices dropped to under $3.20 per gallon in many states back in September, we are seeing prices trickle up again. With the exception of a few small dips, gas prices have been rising steadily since early February and have passed $4 per gallon in some parts of the country. According to GasBuddy, the national average is $3.59 per …

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Spiders Gasoline Huffing Cause Mazda Recall

Move over, Porsche. Mazda’s got a real spider car. For the second time in just a few years, Mazda has had to issue a recall for North American made Mazda6 sedans because of – yep – spiders in the engine. You know, I always knew spiders were demons sent here to destroy us. The idea that some of them thrive …

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Toyota Prius Chosen As Best Overall Value

Consumer Reports magazine has just selected Toyota Prius as the best overall value. The hybrid car has the best economic value for mileage with the average cost registering at 47 cents per mile. Considering the price is $29,230, this vehicle option is hard to beat. According to Consumer Reports Automotive Editor Rik Paul, “Prius’ 44 (m.p.g.) overall is the best …

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New Software System Simulates Weather Conditions for Fuel Pipelines

By the year 2020, thousands of kilometers of new grids will be operating in Germany to permit even more extensive use of power from renewable sources. However, these new “smart grids” also come with increased complexity, costs and vulnerability. Fraunhofer researchers developed new software that can be used to analyze and optimize transport grids for electricity, gas and water even …

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Hidden Costs: Price of Doing Business [Inforgraphic]

It may not sound like much, but spending $1.50 or $2.00 a day on a cup of coffee can add up. If you’re not a person to eat items off the McDonalds dollar menu everyday for lunch, eating out can add up pretty quick as well. Shelling out lots of cash just to eat and drink everyday doesn’t seem like …

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