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Google to FTC: These 5 Principles Will Stand Up To Your Scrutiny Google to FTC: These 5 Principles Will Stand Up To Your Scrutiny
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“These are the principles that guide us, and we know they’ll stand up to scrutiny,” Google said today in a post to the Official Google Blog, in response to scrutiny from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. So it’s official now. …

Report: FTC Ready to Serve Google Subpoenas Report: FTC Ready to Serve Google Subpoenas
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Mutterings of a a broad antitrust investigation of Google by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have been heard for a few months now, and there is still nothing official yet. Neither the FTC nor Google has commented on this. …

Potential Employers May Have Access to 7 Years of Your Status Updates Potential Employers May Have Access to 7 Years of Your Status Updates
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The Federal Trade Commission has decided to stop investigating the practices of Social Intelligence, which offers employers a service that does social media-related background checking. In other words, its methods have been approved. That doesn’t mean said methods won’t be …

Google Facing More Competition-Related Scrutiny, This Time from the FTC Google Facing More Competition-Related Scrutiny, This Time from the FTC
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It seems like just yesterday that Google won the approval of the Justice Department to go forward with its acquisition of ITA Software, a deal Google’s competitors tried aggressively (but unsuccessfully) to see blocked. In fact, it was only last …

Google Antitrust Investigation May Be On FTC’s Agenda Google Antitrust Investigation May Be On FTC’s Agenda
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Google’s proposed acquisition of ITA Software, and whether or not the Department of Justice approves it, may have additional ramifications for Google and government regulations. According to a report from Bloomberg, the company is being considered for a “broad antitrust …

Google Buzz Agreement Reached With FTC

Google Buzz, the social network built into Gmail, has faced its share of complaints regarding automatic opt-ins and privacy issues.  Last year, Google settled a class action suit by contributing to a fund for organizations involved in internet privacy and …

Do Not Track Becoming A Reality
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The Federal Trade Commission testified today before the Senate Committee on Commerce about its efforts to protect consumer privacy through enforcement, education, and policy initiatives like its recent preliminary privacy report. The report proposes a framework to balance consumer privacy …

Company Settles with FTC for $250,000 Over Misleading Online Reviews
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A company that sells guitar-lesson DVDs online has settled with the Federal Trade Commission for a whopping $250,000 over charges that the company “deceptively advertised its products through online affiliate marketers who falsely posed as ordinary consumers or independent reviewers”. …

FTC Settles With Chitika Over Online Ad Tracking
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The Federal Trade Commission said today it has reached a settlement with online advertising company Chitika, that ends the company’s allegedly deceptive practice of tracking peoples’ activities even after they opted out of online tracking on Chitika’s website. The FTC …

Twitter And FTC Reach Settlement

The Federal Trade Commission said today it has finalized a proposed settlement it announced last June with Twitter, which resolved charges that Twitter deceived users and put their privacy at risk by not protecting their personal information. The FTC alleged …

FTC Cracks Down On Mortgage Spammer

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said today it has asked a federal judge to shut down a company that allegedly sent people millions of spam text messages.

The text messages allegedly advertised for a deceptive mortgage modification website called “loanmod-gov.net.” The FTC is asking the court to freeze the defendant’s assets.

Apple Subscription Service Being Monitored By Antitrust Regulators

Earlier this week, Apple introduced its Subscription service for the App Store. Immediately, it was met with waves of criticism (though it’s certainly had its share of defenders). It didn’t take long at all for whispers of antitrust to start going around.

FTC Orders Scareware Scammers To Pay $8 Million

The Federal Trade Commission has ordered an operator of an online “scareware” scheme to pay more than $8 million to settle charges he used deceptive ads to trick people into thinking their computers were infected with malicious software, and then sold them software to “fix” their non-existent problem.

The defendant whose settlement was announced today will be required to turn over $8 million so it can be used to reimburse victims of the scam.

The FTC Endorsement Guidelines a Year Later

As you may recall, about a year ago, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) set some guidelines into motion, concerning endorsements and testimonials. The main point of these guidelines was to ensure full disclosure when people lending endorsements and testimonials receive any kind of compensation from the marketer or advertiser. 

OPA President: FTC Proposal Both Encouraging and Concerning
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As you may know, the FTC released a report this week proposing a framework for balancing consumer privacy and innovation online, which includes (but is not limited to) a "do not track" mechanism in web browsers. Naturally, marketers have shown varying degrees of concern. Some are even calling the proposal a "Google Killer". 

Should Marketers Be Worried About New FTC Proposal?

The online marketing industry has been shaken by a new report from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC has issued the proposal of a framework for balancing consumer privacy and innovation online. The proposal includes a "do not track" mechanism, which the FTC says would likely be a persistent setting on consumers’ browsers, so consumers can choose whether to allow the collection of data regarding their online searching and browsing activities.

FTC Shutters Web Services Company

At the request of the Federal Trade Commission a U.S. district court has shut down the illegal operations of a company that placed false charges on the telephone bills of thousands of small businesses and people for Internet related services they never agreed to buy.

FTC Discusses Google, AdMob Antitrust
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 In testimony before a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee, the Federal Trade Commission explained how it protects consumers by applying well-established principles of competition to fast-changing technology markets.

PR Firm Settles FTC Charges Over False Reviews On iTunes
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A public relations firm hired by video game developers will settle Federal Trade Commission charges it engaged in deceptive advertising by having its employees post favorable reviews on iTunes on behalf of the developers and not revealing the reviews came form paid employees.

Intel and FTC Reach Settlement on Antitrust Case

Intel announced that it has reached a tentative settlement with the FTC in the antitrust suit the FTC brought against the company in December.

The suit alleged that Intel had violated Section 5 of the FTC Act. In this settlement, Intel does not admit any violations. Intel SVP and General Counsel Doug Melamed offered the following statement:
Intel and FTC reach agreement

Groupon Working Too Well For Some Businesses
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Groupon may be working a little too well for some businesses. As Mark D. Carlson and Emily Fredrix explore in an article, some local shops around the country are struggling to handle the customer loads that deals from Groupon are bringing in.