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Dallas Police Succeed in Clearing the Streets of Rogue Fruit

It’s good advice for anyone to check their sharing settings on any app before they use it – unless people want every high score, game achievement, or check-in to appear on their connected Twitter and Facebook feeds. This advice is is paramount to public officials who already face accusations of ineffectiveness. Move over, cop eating a donut joke. Say hello …

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Fruit Ninja IRL, with Bonus Dubstep (and a Cat) [VIDEO]

Slow-motion, an oversized ninja, horses, fruit, swords, dubstep, swords, FLYING CATS. Why are you not already watching this? Seriously, stop reading this. If you keep reading this I’m just going to gradually turN It iNtO sUPeR aNnOYiNG FAcEBooK gIRL tYPe… [scottdw via Fark]

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Fruit Ninja Still Slicing After Two Years

It’s hard to believe how explosive the mobile gaming scene has become. It was only just a few years ago that we were still playing basic and admittedly pretty awful games on our mobile phones to just pass the time. Now mobile games are selling by the millions and even getting their own theme park attractions. Halfbrick was one of …

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