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When The Customers ARE The Strategy

I attended the Business Marketing Association conference in San Jose, and had the chance to hear a great presentation by Justin Crotty, who is the VP of Channel Marketing for Ingram Micro, a $28 billion technology distributor (#72 on the Fortune 500 last year, for what it’s worth).

Tony Snow and Jonathan Schwartz

Drama! A journo joins the White House full-time and a well-deserved promotion creates the first Fortune 500 CEO blog.

Will Social Media Shatter the Glass Ceiling?

Despite our country’s great strides in working to give women equal rights in virtually every aspect of society, there is still a “glass ceiling” both in PR and in the broader Fortune 500.

Google In The Fortune 500

Gary Price has a list of big net companies in the Fortune 500. Google is #323 overall, and #3 in the Internet Services and Retailing sector.

SEMLogic Means No More Search Secrets

During a compelling presentation of Fortune Interactive’s SEMLogic demo, I realized a greater implication of the service than accurate search marketing – Mike Marshall and his team have managed to duplicate search engine functionality.

How I Work

Fortune has a really cool series called “How I Work.” They interviewed an array of business leaders and celebrities about the tools and techniques they use to manage their day.

Emerson’s RSS Starter Kit

Emerson Process Management, which recently started blogging, built an RSS Starter Kit to get their customers up to speed on using feeds.

Microsofts Criteria For A (non-iPod) Portable Player

Microsoft has released a guide for picking the right portable audio player, focusing on ten criteria:

The Buying Cycle of Online Buyers

The NYT has a short and sweet piece on how online shoppers conduct their searches.

Ask Jeeves Says Farewell to Loyal Butler

Growing up in England, I know how hard it is to find a good butler.

Congress Tears Into Net Companies Over Censorship

Voice Of America reports that American congressmen took to the floor today, blasting internet companies for being partners in censorship efforts, during a briefing earlier today.

Broken As Designed (BAD)

It’s funny how some services scream their inadequacy at us, yet we continue to use them.

Search Marketers Welcome Shorter Yahoo! Ads

ClickZ polls a number of search engine marketers and asks them for feedback on Yahoo’s decision to start truncating its sponsored search text ads after the first 70 characters.

Google and Microsoft to join?

Fortune on CNN is wondering if Google and Microsoft would join forces to go against Apple.

Clueless BrandWeek Magazine

Are blogs a waste of your time and that of your business or clients?

Fortune Interactive Publishes Corporate Blog

We’ve decided to put our money where our collective mouths are and launch a Fortune Interactive corporate blog.

Fortune 500, Failure, And Blogging

When Doc Searls observed to Wired’s Chris Anderson that big companies may blog only because they’re on the way down, Anderson and a squad of interns explored the Fortune 500 to see if that may be true.

How To Hire Like The Fortune 500’s: A Guide For Small Businesses

A recent iLogos Research study revealed 94% of Fortune 500 companies now hire employees online, a stark contrast from 1998, when only 29% of them were doing the same.

Fortune Cookie Wisdom for Self-Assessments

Today I’m spending a bit of time to learn about how our annual review and self/co-worker assessments are different from last year.

Bloggers Form Lynch Mobs, Prove Forbes Right

When I was younger, I loved the cheesy “When Animals Attack!” television shows that were the standard fare on FOX.

Forbes Calls Bloggers Lynch Mobs

Earlier tonight I was on a four-minute segment on CNBC that largely focused on Forbes’ new cover story …