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Robin Thicke Hits New Low With Flower Promotion

It’s possible that Robin Thicke hasn’t hit rock bottom yet with his desperate public attempts to win back wife Paula Patton, but he’s close. Really close. Following poor sales for his new album Paula, Thicke has now partnered up with 1-800-FLOWERS and is offering up a free album download with a qualifying purchase. Anyone who has glanced at the occasional …

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Rainbow Roses: Here’s How You Can Make Your Own

Rainbow roses are expensive. If you go through a flower shop, you’re looking at $60 to $70 for a bouquet of multi-colored flowers. Unless you really want to impress somebody with your money, you can get the same results at home for far less money. After all, rainbow roses are easy (and fun) to make. So, how does one go …

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Taylor Swift Flaunts Paintings on Instagram

Taylor Swift just doesn’t stop. The girl is on fire and as we all know, quite talented. It wasn’t until a few days ago that we realized the 24-year-old “I knew You Were Trouble” singer could paint. And really-she did a pretty good job! Swift took to her Instagram four days ago to post a picture of her artistic watercolor …

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Same-Day Flowers by Drone? Not on the FAA’s Watch

The Federal Aviation Administration has put the kibosh on one Commerce Township-based flower delivery company’s plans to deliver bouquets by flying drone. FlowerDeliveryExpress.com CEO Wesley Berry says that the FAA recently told them to shut down their new drone delivery pilot program, which is still in beta. “Unfortunately, we can no longer conduct testing of delivering flowers by drone,” said …

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Flowers Online: Fresh To… Death?

What would your gent or lady love say after receiving a bunch of dying roses from you on Valentine’s Day? This is something online flower delivery customers are asking themselves. The amorous Hallmark holiday has a way of sneaking up on us and doing to our wallets what cupid does to hearts. Thus, shopping online might seem like a reasonable …

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