Adobe Launches Some Flash Platform Beta Releases

Adobe Launches Some Flash Platform Beta Releases

By Chris Crum June 1, 2009

Today Adobe announced the launch of some new beta releases for the Adobe Flash Platform. These are Flash Builder 4 (formerly Flex Builder), Flash Catalyst and the open source Flex 4 framework SDK.

Debugging Tip for Flex/ColdFusion

There are multiple methods of debugging applications, including the very cool FusionDebug, log files, ServiceCapture, and the debugging rolled into Flex Builder 2 itself.

Flex/ColdFusion Mystery and a Very Simple Answer

I was working on a Flex project when I hit a brick wall. I had a very simple form.

FlashVars in Flex

Last month I wrote an article about how to use FlashVars in a Flex application.

Pikeo – Photo Sharing Site Done In Flex

I saw Pikeo featured on Techcrunch after which I signed up and tried using it.

Enjoy Full Screen Video with Flash Player 9

With the release of the new updates for Windows and Mac, besides fixing a bunch of bugs, Flash Player 9 will support Full Screen Mode on the web straight out of the browser. Adobe labs has the full details for you complete with Publish Template for Flash, Flex Builder and Sample Application.

Adobe Bows Ruby On Rails RIA SDK
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The SDK from Adobe combines the Ruby on Rails rich Internet application (RIA) framework with the Flex 2 technology and tools for web developers.

Adobe PHP SDK Takes An Update

After releasing the unofficial Adobe software development kit for PHP this week, Adobe’s Mike Potter noted that a few tweaks were needed with the SDK.

Flash Player 9, Flex 2, Released

Adobe released the final version of Flash Player 9 earlier this week, as well as Flex 2. This signals a continuation of the spread of Flash, which Adobe is promoting heavily for use in next-generation Web applications. It has already been implemented in a number of services, including some owned by Yahoo and Google.

ColdFusion And Flex Builder Get Extensions

Adobe has released ColdFusion extensions for FlexBuilder 2 and MX 7 Updater 2.

Adobe Flex 2 Shows Its Muscle

The new Flex 2 environment represents Adobe’s effort to clean up browser-based development and make Flash Player 9 an even more desirable place for delivering business applications to consumers.

ColdFusion Spurs A Trio Of Podcasts

A pugnacious pursuer of ColdFusion information can discover knowledge and product tips through podcasts available online.

Castrol Gets Down with Podcasting

Call me silly, but I like this idea. Castrol Syntec has a podcast series on racing, music, and a little bit of motor oil. It’s hosted by Funkmaster Flex.

Flex & Ajax Together: FABridge

Macromedia has a lot of wonderful tools for the developer community. One of the most impressive new tools, Flex 2.0, has been developed with ColdFusion integration in mind. Macromedia threw out a new resource by introducing a new library of code called the Flex Ajax Bridge (FABridge). The new code can be inserted into a Flex application, a Flex component or an empty SWF file in order to expose it to scripting in the browser.

Flex 2.0 Beta Open To Developers

Adobe Systems released their Flex 2.0 Beta to developers to play with last week. The aim is to improve the offerings for developers to generate rich Internet applications. This combined with the Flash Player 8.5 release, they say the products will allow businesses to engage users more effectively and increase productivity while delivering stronger business results.

Macromedia Muscles Development With Flex

Flash Player will be updated to version 8.5, and will be accompanied by the company’s Flex 2 product line.

Using Flash Player 8 Features in Your Flex 1.5 Application

Macromedia Flash Player 8 is here and packed with useful and innovative features. Performance and memory consumption are also significantly improved in the new player, and you will notice the improvement without changing a line of code or recompiling.