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Flash Users Double HTML5 Users Flash Users Double HTML5 Users
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Infographics are an “in” thing right now, because, let’s face it, it’s hard not love visually-appealing graphics that offer a clean presentation of the information in question. In this case, the subject under scrutiny has to do with web file …

Firefox Stands Up For MafiaaFire Redirector Firefox Stands Up For MafiaaFire Redirector
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As many of you know, The Department of Homeland Security, besides protecting the safety of our homeland as the name implies, is also in the habit of defending web domain seizures conducted by ICE. While the reason why these two …

Firefox 5 Release Date Expected For June Firefox 5 Release Date Expected For June
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Firefox 5 is expected to be released on June 21. Last year, Google launched an initiative to crank out new versions of Chrome very quickly. Mozilla seems to be trying to keep up. It’s been speculated that Firefox users can …

Firefox 4 Downloads Surpass 50 Million Firefox 4 Downloads Surpass 50 Million
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The Firefox 4 web browser has proven to be a big hit for Mozilla. At the time of this writing, 52,204,769 people have downloaded Firefox 4. Europe has the highest number of users with 20,365,540. North America has 16,688,275, and …

Firefox 4 for Android Reviews Mixed

Mozilla released Firefox 4 for Android to mixed reviews. The above video makes it seem pretty nice, but there are more than a few complaints – among the biggest – a lack of Flash support. “Firefox for mobile allows users …

Internet Explorer 9 Aces Power Consumption Test
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When picking a Web browser, “green” individuals and laptop users with limited access to electrical outlets should perhaps give Internet Explorer 9 a try.  New data shows that it can beat the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera …

Firefox 4 Infographic Details First 48 Hours
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While they may never top Internet Explorer’s market share — it’s hard to top a program that comes pre-installed on all Windows-environment computers — that doesn’t mean the folks at Mozilla won’t make the most of their latest Firefox browser …

Firefox’s Progress Charted By Pingdom

By most accounts, Firefox 4 represents a big success. It’s received positive reviews and been downloaded a massive number of times. So to celebrate the Mozilla team’s achievement and provide a bit more perspective, a new infographic takes a look …

Firefox 4 Hits 9 Million Downloads a Day After Release Firefox 4 Hits 9 Million Downloads a Day After Release

A Day after Mozilla released Firefox 4 for download, the browser has been downloaded over 9 million times. Most downloads seem to be coming from North America and Europe. As a matter of fact, at the time of this writing, …

Internet Explorer 9 Reaches 2.3 Million Downloads In 24 Hours Internet Explorer 9 Reaches 2.3 Million Downloads In 24 Hours
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Microsoft announced today their latest version of Internet Explorer reached 2.3 million downloads in 24 hours. Will IE9 be the catalyst to allow Microsoft to gain some ground back in market share? The past few years, IE has steadily lost …

Firefox 4 Launch Date Of March 22nd Likely
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Internet Explorer 9, the newest (finalized) Web browser around, may not have much time left in which to enjoy that title.  Damon Sicore, Senior Director of Platform Engineering at Mozilla, has indicated that Firefox 4 will launch on March 22nd …

Mozilla Introduces “Do Not Track”, Hopes to Make It Industry Standard
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Mozilla has proposed a "do not track" browser feature, which would allow Firefox users to opt out of any third-party ad-based tracking. Such a feature would work by transmitting a Do Not Track HTTP header with each click or page view in the browser.

Alex Fowler the Global Privacy and Public Policy Leader at Mozilla, writes on his personal blog

Latest Firefox Beta Available for Testing

Mozilla announced today that the next major version of Firefox is ready for testing. That would be Firefox 4 beta, and Mozilla says it includes faster start-up time and bookmarking, and that it caters to smoother complex animations. 

February Launch Planned For Firefox 4

There’s lots left to do, and nothing’s guaranteed, but it seems Firefox 4 will arrive in less than 50 days if all goes according to plan.  Word’s come straight from Damon Sicore, Senior Director of Platform Engineering at Mozilla.

Firefox Becomes Top Browser In Europe
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If anyone at Mozilla is keeping some sort of historical record, December 2010 is a month that’s sure to be starred.  A new report from StatCounter indicates that, in terms of market share, Firefox wound up ahead of Internet Explorer in Europe.

This was perhaps not a pretty victory, as it only occurred due to a loss on IE’s part.  IE’s market share in fact fell from 38.91 percent in November to 37.52 percent in December, according to StatCounter, while Firefox’s market share declined from 38.50 percent to 38.11 percent.

Mozilla Promotes Firefox 4 With Red Panda “Cub Cam”
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The Chrome and Internet Explorer teams can talk all they want about supposed advances in speed, compatibility, and/or advanced features.  Right now, Mozilla’s software has an edge, as the organization’s using two red panda cubs to promote Firefox 4.

Chrome Sees Market Share Gain In October
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The latest browser-related stats from Net Applications are out, and October represented more of a trick than a treat for Internet Explorer and Firefox.  But in terms of market share, Safari gained a tiny bit of ground, and Chrome definitely came ahead.

On a month-over-month basis, Net Applications believes Chrome’s market share increased from 7.98 percent to 8.47 percent.  And pitted purely against itself, that gain represents an improvement of 6.14 percent, which is quite good for that short a period.

Chrome Tops Firefox Among Techmeme Users
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On the site that describes itself as "Tech Web, Page A1," a tipping point in the browser wars has been reached.  New stats indicate that Techmeme visitors have come to prefer Chrome over Firefox by a small but significant margin.

Bing To Become Firefox 4 General Search Option
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Most modern software offers users dozens of ways in which they can customize and optimize everything.  The average person probably does little more than pick a pretty background photo or font before abandoning the options menus forever, though.  So it’s potentially quite important that Bing will be included as a standard search option in Firefox 4.

Chrome Triples Market Share Year-Over-Year
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Anyone who wagered Chrome wouldn’t succeed should, regardless of the exact terms of the bet, probably go ahead and pay up.  New stats show that, in the past twelve months, Google’s Web browser has carved out a sizable market share and indeed seems to be catching up to Firefox.

Mozilla Launches New Version of Firefox Home iPhone App

Mozilla announced that its Firefox Home app is now available in more languages worldwide. Firefox Home lets iPhone and iPod Touch users sync their Firefox browsing history, bookmarks, andopen tabs to their mobile device. 

Users can use the app to search, open links in Safari, email the URL, or copy the URL.