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Firefox Users Have Downloaded 3 Billion Add-Ons Since 2004

One of the major things that people like to complain about in Firefox is that their add-ons don’t work. An ex-Mozilla staffer confirmed the hate when he revealed that most users complain about their add-ons being incompatible after each new update. Add-ons are also the source of massive memory leaks in Firefox. Despite all the headaches that add-ons give us, …

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Yahoo! Axis Seeks to Redefine Search and Web Browsing

Yahoo! today announced the launch of Yahoo! Axis, its new mobile browser and desktop plug-in. The software hopes to redefine how users search and browse the web with “visual” search interaction and by syncing web browsing between multiple devices. Axis is now available as an app for iOS devices and as a plug-in or add-on for HTML 5 desktop browsers. …

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Firefox Memory Leaks Somewhat Fixed With Patch

If you’re like me, you use a lot of add-ons with your Firefox build. They help make the Web a better, brighter place. Unfortunately, these add-ons occasionally cause memory leaks which can bog down Firefox and generally make the browser slower. Fortunately for us, Nicholas Nethercote, a Firefox team member, turned us on to a patch from Kyle Huey that …

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