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Microsoft Tells Yahoo About R&D Synergies

You’ve all read about the proposed deal. The National Post has a copy of the letter that Ballmer et al sent to the Yahoo board. Here are two paragraphs I found interesting:

1] Ballmer reminds Yahoo that he/Microsoft was right all along (emphasis added)

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Market Aspects Of Microsoft-Yahoo Furor

The tricky thing about describing stock prices is that they change as you write.  They’ll likely have changed even more by the time you come across this article.  Still, for owners of Yahoo’s stock, that’s a good thing, because it’s absolutely skyrocketing right now.

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After Hours, Investors Flee Google

Google mildly missed analyst expectations for Q4 2007 (the company famously does not provide guidance) and late trading has punished the stock.

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Fixing Yahoo, The Internet Way

Lots of ideas float through the maze of sites and blogs online, some of them aimed at fixing Yahoo. Here are some of the suggestions we found.

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Google Misses, Shares Slip

GOOG shares are taking a pummeling in after-hours trading, dropping as much as nine percent upon the release of Google’s Q4 earnings report.

Things aren’t that bad at Google, they still made a ridiculous lot of money. It just wasn’t as ridiculous as Wall Street expected, missing estimates for both net revenue and earnings per share.

After all, the company did pull in $3.39 billion in net revenue and posted $4.43 earnings per share. Analysts expected more though, to the tune of $3.45 billion net, and $4.45 earning per share.

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Amazon’s Earnings Call Goes Okay

Amazon’s earnings in the fourth quarter of 2007 weren’t at all bad.  Shares have still dropped, however, and there’s some concern over the company’s future operating income.

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Google Reports Earnings Today

Analysts and shareholders will be eager to learn if Google’s earnings will be enough to stop a downward trend in the company’s stock.

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ICANN’s Recent Proposal to Curb Domain Tasting

Over the last month I and others have written quite a bit about domain tasting and how registrars are taking advantage of the policy, allowing them to capture potential domain names that their customers are searching for.

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FCC Auction Bidding Tops $11.5 Billion

The big prize, a slice of spectrum covering the US, has stalled at a bid of $4.29 billion, under the Federal Communication Commission’s reserve price of $4.6 billion.

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Own the Network by Building the Right Brand

VideoEgg announced $1.5 million in ad revenues over 5 months, which is not much when you consider that they have over 150 top widgets. You can use targeted widgets and gadgets to push things that are already valuable, successful, unique, or interesting outside of the social networks, but traditional advertising is no good.

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E*Trade Puts Eggs Into Super Bowl Basket

Super Bowl advertisements can rank among the funniest things on television; they’re certainly some of the best commercials.  But people are once again considering how much they accomplish, as there’s word that troubled E*Trade plans to spend around $5 million on two ads.

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eBay Rolls Out Pricing, Seller Updates

Executives at eBay disclosed a series of changes aimed at drawing and keeping sellers participating in the online marketplace.

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Yahoo Slashing 1,000 Jobs Amid Profit Drop

The hammer has fallen. Yahoo will finally make the job cuts Wall Street has craved for a long time, before a backdrop of lower profits caused by higher expenses.

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Debunking Roles of the Influencers

When I first saw the link on Fimoculous with the title “Is the Tipping Point Toast?” I thought someone was going to debunk the whole idea behind it.

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Google’s Earnings Report Rumored To Be Good

In the past three months, Google’s stock has gone down by approximately $135 per share.  Not good, eh?  But it’s once again time for investors to place their bets, as we appear to be heading towards an upbeat earnings report.

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Lexmark Prints Solid Fourth Quarter Results

Earnings at Lexington-based printer manufacturer Lexmark passed Wall Street expectations with its fourth quarter and full year earnings.

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U2 Manager: Pay Up, Google

Paul McGuinness wants pretty much every company to toss some coin back to musicians, and sees pursuing individual file sharers as less important than the ISPs and other services that need to be pursued.

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Diller Facing Ouster From IAC parent company IAC faces a shakeup in the boardroom if Liberty Media’s John Malone succeeds in shoving Barry Diller out of the IAC chairman position.

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How are you Tying up Your Client into a Recession Pitch?

An interesting article in the New York Times today – Is It a Recession? Marketers Seem to Think So – highlights how that the marketing industry is ramping up spending, even if this might be a recession (and, well, we cannot say we are in a recession yet, according to statistics).

According to the article:

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Yahoo Stepping Lightly Against Google, Microsoft

As one of the biggest brands on the Internet, Yahoo’s competitors envy the traffic Yahoo receives. On Wall Street, analysts only see gridlock.

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eBay Buyers Are Thrifty, Study Says

Buyers on eBay save billions of dollars each year, according to a research study that won’t make sellers happy.

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Try Hiring the Next Seth Godin

A recent article by Zoli Erdos really got me to thinking about startup hiring. The article was titled "Startups: Executive Hiring Challenges or Beware of the Suits".

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Money for Content

The WSJ let the "our content will be free" story spread for months to generate public relations related coverage and to misdirect competitors before announcing that they are going to keep their subscription service:

Mr. Murdoch made his latest comments at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in answering a question.

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Microsoft Rolls To Second Quarter Records

Revenue, operating income, and earnings per share grew impressively after holiday shoppers and enterprises dropped more coin into Microsoft’s wishing well.

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Analyst: Hot Cakes, iPhones Don’t Sell Well When Cold

At any given point in time, it’s reasonable to expect that some new iPhones will be on stores’ shelves.  Others may be getting driven to buyers’ houses, and still more may be just sitting there after the final transaction takes places.  But 1.4 million seems too high a number to signal good things for Apple.Analyst: Hot Cakes, iPhones Don't Sell Well When Cold

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Game Sales Reach $9.5 Billion

Computer and video game software sales reached $9.5 billion in 2007, a 28 percent increase over the previous year and set a new record according to the NPD Group and announced by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). Halo 3 was the best selling title of 2007 bringing in $170 million in revenue its first day of sales.

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Yahoo Fending Off Takeover Advances

A low stock price has plenty of firms interested in buying Yahoo, and the company may find it impossible to say no to them.

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WSJ Will Not Abandon Subscription Model

If rumors are to be believed, the Wall Street Journal has been considering abandoning the subscription model for months.

But alas, it’s not to be. Rupert Murdoch announced today that the Wall Street Journal, while expanding its free offerings, would not leave the subscription model. In fact, he stated that:

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Last.FM Adds On-Demand Service

Last.FM has added a new on demand song streaming service with the support from all four major labels and 150,000 indie labels and artists from distributors including The Orchard, CD Baby, IODA, Naxos. 

 Users can listen to a track free up to three times, after which they are pointed iTunes, Amazon or 7Digital for purchase.

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Video – How Links Can Drive Value

This is a somewhat basic video about how links can drive value. Props to Stunty for his 12 Different Types of Links and How To Get Them.


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Scoble’s Videos from Davos

Hey, I am a sucker for a good name drop. But I take you further than just writing a blog post saying something like “I met Vinod Khosla.”

I turned on my cell phone and let you interview him and others.

The BBC caught me doing this and wrote me up

Here are the videos I did today.

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Considering Podcasting? Evaluate Your Assets

This morning at the Triangle Social Media Club, Kipp Bodnar led the group’s discussion regarding the business applications of podcasting.

I will attempt to recap some of our highlights for those who couldn’t wake up at 8am :-)

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Secondary Domain name Sales Total GBP37 Million in 2007

According to SEDO, internet domain name sales in the secondary market totaled GBP37 Million.

Sedo, the leading online market place for buying and selling Internet domain names and websites, has launched its annual report on the growth of the secondary Internet domain name market in 2007.


The report, which has tracked the state of the secondary Internet domain market annually since 2004, unveils the latest figures for 2007.

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Official: eBay’s Whitman To Depart

Meg Whitman will wrap up ten years with eBay when she steps down as president and CEO on March 31st.

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GOOG Stock Grows Mole, Small Moustache

Wall Street’s romance with Google may be exiting the limerence stage and settling down into the not-now-honey-the-game’s-on stage. GOOG opened this morning at $560, which would have been cause for Tanqueray and tango in early 2007.

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Wall Street Aftermath: Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Fall

The three-quarters of a basis point rate cut by the Federal Reserve sent the markets into turmoil, and not even a midday upswing could keep a trio of Internet powers from finishing down on the day.

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Latest Yahoo Job Cut Figure: 700

Though other reports claim Yahoo plans to shed as many as 2,500 jobs, the current swirl of rumors whispers of a 700 position cut.

Read More Sets Sail From Subscription Wall

Following in the steps of the New York Times and AOL, The Atlantic removed the subscription barrier from its online content.

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Whitman Ready To Depart eBay

Meg Whitman, CEO of eBay, plans to retire from running the online marketplace after ten years at the helm.

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Getty Images Falls Victim to the Changes of the Internet

It seems like every week there’s another example of how the Internet has toppled business models that have been in place longer than the Internet itself.

Control is not really possible when there are so many ways to pirate or undercut sales. The newspaper, music, movie, and now images market are changing drastically (and I love to read Seth Godin’s take on the changes).

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Layoffs and the Yahoo Brand

The ’sphere is buzzing with “anonymous” tips that Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang will soon be faced with the tough decision of firing up to 2.500 employees.

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Things You May Not Know About LinkedIn

Do you use LinkedIn? OK, you’re all savvy marketers so perhaps the better question is; how do you use LinkedIn?

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The Freemium Business Model for Content

Here is a great speech by Chris Anderson about how reputation and attention are becoming the new economies upon which much of the internet (and potentially offline) world may be based upon.

Freemium consists of giving away value (and possibly wrapping it in ads), as a lead generator to sell premium products and services.

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Godin on Digital Pricing

Two weeks ago marketing guru Seth Godin gave advice to the industry with his essay "Music Lessons" drawing praise for our readers. (read more and vote in our poll here).

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IncrediMail Regains Google’s Favor

AdSense and search advertising have been reinstated for IncrediMail by Google, which suspended those services for the web-based email company last week.

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Massive Yahoo Job Cuts Rumored

Middle management may suffer the unkindest cut of all, if a rumored layoff of upwards of 1,500 people takes place.

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Recession and Online Marketing

As financial commentary continues to suggest a recession is inevitable, we’ve decided to run a series of blog posts detailing ways small businesses can leverage the power of search engine and online marketing to weather the recession storm.

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Ideas Yahoo Must Implement Soon

Yahoo!’s Downward Trend

Yahoo! killed off their brand universe project, and recently fired 30 people. Rumor has it that about 2,000 more layoffs might be coming soon. Yahoo! shares are nearing $20, trading at $20.78, and giving them a market capitalization of $27.8 billion.

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Ad CPM Will Suffer In 2008

Carl Fremont of Digitas thinks economic woes will have an impact on an online ad market where many key verticals have yet to see significant spending.

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Embrace All Methods of Learning About Customers

Glenn Gow brought to my attention a post he wrote a few weeks back that should get us all thinking.

In it, he summarizes a recent MITSloan Management Review piece that upbraids most marketers for doing the easiest kind of market research: Listening to our existing customers.

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Bear Stearns Upgrades eBay

When I mentioned this aloud, someone responded, "Going out on a limb, aren’t they?"  But Bear Stearns has upgraded its outlook on eBay, and even if a gut reaction might be to scoff (the Dow is down another 300 points just now), the action isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

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eComm 2008 is Coming Up

I noticed that eComm 2008 is coming up, 3/12-14.

Take a look at what Martin Gedd, on the advisory board, said on his blog:

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Microsoft Makes Deal With Edgar Online

We’re betting that the users of Edgar Online, which is a financial information site, weren’t dying to receive ads from Microsoft.  But advertisers are probably pleased with the arrangement, and in another aspect of the deal that should benefit consumers, users of MSN Money will receive content from Edgar.

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Web 2.0 Companies Waiting to go Public

At this point, we really haven’t seen a major Web 2.0 company make it through an IPO.

We’ve seen YouTube gobbled up by Google, and MySpace snagged by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. To date, they remain the companies that have truly defined success in the evolving Web 2.0 era.

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Software Industry Continues to Consolidate

As Zack reported, Sun is buying MySQL for ~$800M plus $200M in options. Interestingly, the MySQL acquisition represents 8% of Sun’s current market cap (~$13 Bil). While I’m happy for the MySQL team, my views on Sun’s OSS “strategy” are mixed at best.

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Blog ROI Models

For those who are fans of Guy Kawasaki, there is a phenomenon he is fond of calling "Guy’s golden touch." 

It is his own trademark reversal of a well known saying, where he likes to note that "everything that turns to gold is what Guy touches." 

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Scoble Heads to Fast Company

Ahh, Andy Plesser broke my career news again (he was the guy who broke my news about leaving Microsoft too). Louis Gray got the story first, though, I think, although I told dozens of people at the BlogHaus last week at CES.

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Has Apple Seen the Height of its Success with Music?

At yesterday’s MacWorld keynote, Steve Jobs unveiled no new  major music initiatives at  iTunes or with the iPod line.

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comScore’s US Consumer Activity Analysis

comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), today released its monthly analysis of U.S. consumer activity at top online properties for December 2007 from the comScore Media Metrix service.


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The Internet and the Music Industry

Ever since I blogged for a music site, I’ve watched how the Internet has transformed the music industry.

Here are some recent highlights – and they are sad songs:

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What Does the Future of the Newspaper Look Like?

Mediapost referenced a 66 slide powerpoint by The World Association of Newspapers, titled Shaping the Future of the Newspaper.

Each bulleted list below is a slide from their presentation. I grouped some of them together to discuss how/where I think they relate.

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DreamHost Begs For Forgiveness

The hosting company overbilled virtually all of its customers due to the self-described “fat-fingers” of Josh Jones.

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Facebook Finds More Investors

Many things have implied end dates, or at least end ranges – it’s just unlikely they’ll continue past a certain point in time.  That doesn’t seem to be the case with Facebook’s funding round, however, as reports are coming in that Alexander, Marc, and Oliver Samwer have invested in the social network.

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CNNMoney Tries Cashing In On Video

A relaunched website seeks its fortune through the addition of video content to reach people who are at their Internet-connected offices during the workday.

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Chase: 29% Holiday Online Retail Growth

Any interesting report is out today from Chase Paymentech, saying that the online holiday retail sales for 2007 grew by a whopping twenty nine percent.

Chase Paymentech

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Community is About Being Cost-Effective

One assumption underlying some client conversations I have is that community comes cheap.  It may have something to do with the hippy-trippy quality of the word. 

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Google Announces Trends for Google Checkout

As we come up to the last days of fee-free merchant services from Google Checkout, the Official Google Checkout Blog announced yesterday that they now have Google Checkout Trends. Patterned after Google Trends, GCT shows relative revenues from Google Checkout merchants.

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In-House SEM Salaries: Quite a Range

Earlier today we discussed some mind boggling statistics about search marketing and its efficacy, see: PPC Ads Are Ignored 88.5% Of The Time!. Another study, this time about search marketers by SEMPO, explores the earning potentials of SEMs.

The salaries actually have a surprising range, with the lowest ones bordering around minimum wages $60/year to the highest ones being around $70,000 a year.

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Google Shuts Off IncrediMail’s AdSense

Israel-based IncrediMail saw a big chunk of their revenue go away when Google suddenly ended their existing AdSense and search ad relationship with the web-based email firm.

Read More Frees Its Opinions

The Wall Street Journal Online took another step toward opening to the web by merging its opinion content with into one free site.

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Reznor’s Bad Internet Tax Idea

There’s a great interview with Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails up at CNET, in which he talks about his experience with the Saul Williams album he recently released as a “pay what you want” download (which I wrote about here).

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Network Solutions to Change Front-Running Practice

As we reported yesterday, Network Solutions has been in a lot of deep-water after many people discovered the company was guilty of "front-running"–the practice of registering a domain name after someone has checked on its availability.

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Why Google Might Have Changed AdSense Referral Terms

Lots of talk today about Google changing the terms of their referral units for Google Adsense. Good coverage by both Darren and Jeremy.Google Adsense Referral Hydra

Lets take a little look at why they might have done this.

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Bankruptcy Could Still Be On E*Trade’s Table

As I write this, E*Trade’s stock isn’t doing too terribly; after months of losing value, it’s actually up 1.33 percent so far today.  But there’s word that, contrary to earlier statements, the company may still be considering a declaration of bankruptcy.

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Jobfox Secures $20M In Funding – yes, another job site – is having a good year so far. Record 2007 sales and third round financing pulling in $20 million from investors, the company plans to double its US sales and support offices.

Investment firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson led other investors, which includes Menlo Ventures and New Enterprise Associates.

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Earth Class Mail Picks Up $13.3 Million

There are times when the concept surrounding a company’s products or services is difficult to understand.  This is (at least in part) one of those times, but the primary piece of news here is that Earth Class Mail received $13.3 million in funding.

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Godin on the Music Industry

Sethgodin Best selling author and marketing guru

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The Move from Why? to How?

Aa053592At the back end of last year, I noticed how conversations with my clients about networked m

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Piper Jaffray Thinks Internet Safe In ’08

At this point, filling a fallout shelter with food and cash may be the safest approach to 2008’s financial markets.  Failing that, though, Piper Jaffray thinks some of the stronger Internet corporations should provide a safe haven.

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Domino’s Gets Big Slice Of Online Sales

Online sales for pizza chain Domino’s rose 17.6 percent over the holiday period.

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Holiday Online Retail Cracked $29 Billion

Non-travel spending during the 2007 holidays reached $29.2 billion despite a slow start in November.

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CNet Facing Shareholder Unrest

A New Year’s downgrade of CNet Networks has an activist group of investors calling for big changes with the company.

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Investor Revolt Against CNET

Updated: The NY Times reports this morning that, "consortium of prominent investment funds has amassed a 21 percent stake in CNet and is seeking to oust the company’s directors and take over a majority of its board".

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2008: Let The Bubble Whispers Begin

A forecast of doom and economic gloom encompassing the tech world may be more reality than nightmare this year.

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Monster Buys Affinity Labs For $61 Million Cash

Monster Worldwide, Inc. announced the purchase of Affinity Labs‘ year old network of vertical community sites for $61 million cash today.

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Jupitermedia CEO Talks Stock, Future Developments

Transparency’s nice – assuming that a person (or company) is indeed being transparent, and you’re not so paranoid that you can’t believe it, you get to find out many of the who-what-when-where-why details.  And in that spirit, Alan Meckler, the CEO of Jupitermedia, has announced his purchase of some stock and referenced his company’s future.

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WSJ May Need Big Subscription Increase to Make Up Lost Revenue

The Wall Street Journal would have to increase traffic to their site by 12x to make up for the lost subscription revenue. is going from paid subscriptions to free online access.

A report from Bear Stearns analyst Spencer Wang made the prediction based on advertising rates for banner ads.

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Google China Sees Many Searches For “Bank,” “Stock”

The American economy is screwed.  Never mind housing, inflation, or whatever other problems come to mind; aGoogle China Sees Many Searches For "Bank," "Stock" new issue has arisen, and it’s that users of Google China seem more interested in terms like "bank" and "stock" than "sex."

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Advertisers Don’t See Social Networking as a Fad

If you look at all the hype around social networking, you might think that it’s a fad that will soon fade. Advertisers don’t think so. After seeing how many teens and adults (40%) in the US are on social networking sites, they are upping their budgets for the new year.

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Yahoo’s Stock Starts New Year On Right Foot

Well, here’s something you don’t see too often: a bunch of red on various finance sites.  Actually, that’s an unfortunately common sight, but look closer, and you’ll notice the strange part: Yahoo’s name is in green.

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Grim Financial Forecast For 2008

A new year is often accompanied by a large wave of optimism.  But in the UK, the standard "happy 2008" may have been followed by a less-cheerful "here’s hoping we’re not all screwed."

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Struggling SpiralFrog Raises $2 Million

SpiralFrog hasn’t been doing so well, but $2 million can heal a lot of wounds, and the ad-supported, Web-based music service has raised this amount in funding.

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Tech Stocks Seem Ready For More Time Off

After news spread about Benazir Bhutto’s death, the stock markets looked shaky.  Now we’ve seen some discouraging data about new home sales.  Still, in what we can only describe as a pleasant surprise, most tech stocks appear to be doing okay.

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Wal-Mart Rolls End Credits On Movie Downloads

The movie download experiment by Wal-Mart ended before Christmas, with few people noticing the service’s departure.

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Analyst Lowers Yahoo Price Target

Let’s be clear: no one’s saying that Yahoo is screwed.  The news isn’t exactly good, however, as an analyst at Jefferies & Co. has just lowered both his price target and sales estimates on the company.

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Yahoo, ESPN Drive Big Sportswriting Salaries

The Washington Post and Sports Illustrated have been hit by the Internet as Yahoo and ESPN make huge bids for sportswriters and the content they can produce.

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Online Holiday Spending Hits $26 Billion

U.S. online holiday retail sales reached a record $26. 2 billion from November 1 through December 21, up 19 percent from a year ago says ComScore.

Jupiter Research and Forrester Research had predicted 20 percent and 21 percent growth, respectively.

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After Christmas – The E-Commerce Challenge

For US-based online businesses, the day after Christmas means getting back to work, but that doesn’t mean the holiday shouldn’t be on one’s mind.

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Social Network Bebo Hires A Bank

There might be less of it these days, but when banks are around, money’s usually close at hand.  So, although the way in which it intends to get cash remains unknown, the fact that Bebo has hired a bank is a good sign the social network wants some.

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Bill Gates Pours $390 Million Into Mexican Brewer

Bill Gates has invested $390 million dollars in Mexican brewer Femsa through his Cascade Investment Fund, according to the brewer.

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