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Prince William & Prince Charles Make Wildlife Plea

Prince William and Prince Charles have teamed up to publicize the devastating effects of the illegal wildlife trade in a video they released today, in an effort to stop the trade and killing of the world’s wildlife species. The duo’s plea included urging people to show their support for organizations working to stop the exchange of illegal wildlife around the …

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Sergey Brin Atomized Two Thieves with His Repulsor Beams

Earlier today, after waking up from a nap in his capacious penthouse located in the heart of Mountain View, California, Google co-founder Sergey Brin responded to a plea from local authorities to help thwart an armed robbery-in-progress at a local Urban Outfitters. Brin, who is never sleepy and actually only naps so as to subconsciously solve difficult sudoku puzzles, quickly …

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