ESPN Launches SportsCenter Feed, A Twitter-Like Stream of All Things Sports

ESPN Launches SportsCenter Feed, A Twitter-Like Stream of All Things Sports

By Josh Wolford September 19, 2012

Twitter’s quick-hit, real-time format is good for all kinds of news – especially sports. Sports fans can create lists of their favorite athletes, reporters, and official team accounts and easily see all of the breaking news as it develops. The …

Category Filtering Announced for AdSense for Feeds
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Google recently announced an extension of its category filtering beta to Engligh-language ads on the AdSense network. Now Google is pointing out that this applies to AdSense for feeds as well.

Google Reader Gets Much Needed Social Features

Google has added a number of new features to Google Reader. The biggest one, which is long overdue, is the ability to share content on other social networks. This seems like it should have been available for ages, but it has been MIA until now.

Google’s Interest Based Ads Go to Feeds
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In early April, Google clarified some misconceptions about AdSense after they changed AdSense URLs to DoubleClick URLs. In an extension of that clarification, Google has posted to the AdSense for Feeds Blog regarding AdSense for feeds tags.

Google Blog Search Indexing Content Differently

Google Blog Search has undergone some changes in how it indexes content. Before, it indexed content from RSS feeds, but now it is going for full content from pages.

Do You Want to Want to Convert Feeds to PDFs?

Hewlett-Packard has an interesting new service that allows users to turn RSS feeds into deliverable, printable PDFs. The service is called Tablloid and works basically like other feed readers.

Soon You’ll Be Able to Subscribe to Google SERPs

Accoding to Matt McGee at Search Engine Land, Google will soon start offering RSS feeds for search results as an extension of Google Alerts. McGee writes:

Feedburner and Adsense Together at Last

The Adsense-meets-Feedburner era has officially begun. As mentioned here, the slow "Googlization" of Feedburner has gotten underway, and on Friday, the public got to see some Adsense ads in Feedburner feeds.

A couple months ago some publishers began displaying them, but now they are in full swing.

Pheedo Reaches Into RSS Analytics

The consumption of content today regularly happens beyond the website publishing such content in the first place.

Feedburner Incorporates AdSense Into Feeds
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About a month ago, it was hinted at that Feedburner would start incorporating AdSense into feeds as a product of its acquisition by Google.

It appears that time is approaching with feeds for some publishers getting ready to start displaying AdSense ads this week.

Facebook Offers To Share Info From Flickr, del.icio.us

Think your friends don’t know enough about you already?  Facebook’s got a fix; the social network now allows users to import stories from other sites.

Shyftr Responds To Feed Usage Outcry

Feed reader/sharing service Shyftr tweaked how it uses feed content after several bloggers complained about the practice.

Feeds Out Of Google Search Results

Searches at Google.com won’t turn up RSS or Atom feeds, with the exception of podcasts, as Google makes a change to improve the user experience.

The Importance of SEO Copy Writing to High Rankings
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In this MSNBC interview the Snr. V.P. of Network Solutions covers what any business needs for page one search rankings.


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Google Reader Taps Power Of Blogsearch

New features from Google Reader include a process that recommends blogs potentially of interest to the user, based on subscribed feeds and one’s Web History.

MySpace Working on News Feed Feature

MySpace is working on a News Feed feature of its own, reminiscent of Facebook’s own feature, Reuters reports.