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Fear Can Build Brand Loyalty, Shows Study

It’s well-known anecdotally that horror can bring people together. A scary movie or haunted house trip can bring couples and friends closer than most communal activities as people cling to each other out of fear. It turns out, however, that such a strategy might also work for brands. A new study set to be published in the Journal of Consumer …

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Woman Suffers Disorder, Monitors BF’s Every Move

You’re dating the love of your life; sometimes you have your ups and downs – certain quirks that you put up with and accept because you absolutely love one another. Perhaps your heart was severely broken before, so you safeguard yourself by knowing exactly what your husband does through every digital footprint he leaves, making sure there is no doubt …

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Buddy Media CEO Dispels Fear with Video on VSD

Yesterday, we brought you the news that enterprise cloud computing giant,, intends to acquire Buddy Media. It’s great news for Michael Lazerow, chairman and co-founder of Buddy Media who will be on the receiving end of the near $690 million deal. Now we are hearing from Lazerow in a totally different capacity. In a very recent YouTube video of …

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