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Prince Charles Urges Constituents To Reconnect With Farming

To celebrate his 66th birthday, Prince Charles wrote a foreword for Country Life magazine, in which he described his worries on the future of the countryside and urged people to value it or risk losing it. “People in the UK are now four or more generations removed from anyone who actually worked on the land – and it frequently shows in their attitudes,” wrote Prince Charles. …

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Coffee Rust Fungus Could Raise U.S. Coffee Prices

Americans enjoy making fun of themselves for buying expensive coffee, but continue to do so on a daily basis. Now those high-priced blends could become even more expensive thanks to a destructive fungus that is destroying coffee crops in Latin America. According to the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), production of Latin American coffee is expected to fall by …

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Vidalia Onion Rule Postponing Shipment to Markets

The state of Georgia is currently experiencing one of its more highly contested court cases in quite some time. While the state has hosted important cases which affected the state of tribal sovereignty in the United States and the validity of capital punishment, this particular case may have the most widespread impact of any Georgia court case yet. The subject …

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Farm Bill Passes Senate; Cost is Nearly $1 Trillion

Tuesday, the United States Senate voted 68 to 32 in favor of a new five-year farm bill, following 3 years of highly contested arguments and political maneuvers attempting to sway the bill in favor of a particular political party. The bill will now be sent to President Obama, who is expected to sign the bill into law. The 949 page …

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Woody Harrelson Limits ‘Wood’ From Paper Company

Academy Award-nominated actor Woody Harrelson has made a name for himself as a talented performer. He has starred in The Hunger Games , Zombieland, The People vs. Larry Flynt, Natural Born Killers, and Out of the Furnace. Despite being recognizable for his film performances, Harrelson is also an entrepreneur. In 1998, the actor co-founded Prairie Paper Ventures along with Jeff …

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