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Fall Cruises Offer Alternative To Land Tours

Fall cruises for foliage in the northeast are growing more and more popular each year. The foliage is like no other place in the nation, and more people are paying to cruise the rivers and oceans to peep leaves instead of braving the crowded roads and inns on land. A fall cruise is a great way to relax and enjoy …

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Fall Wreaths: Get Crafty And Decorate

It is that time of year again … the time when the leaves start falling, the air is cool, and the holidays are just around the corner. So, it’s time to start decorating! Everyone loves a nice wreath to hang on their front door; something for people to see and admire as they drive past their home. Below are some …

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Weight Loss: Tips To Get Fit This Fall

Fall is in the air and the cool weather makes it easier and more comfortable to be outside and active. If you are ready to get fit this Fall, take advantage of these tips that will help you lose weight and get healthy. Seasonal Fruits And Vegetables Fall is the time when many fruits and vegetables are harvested and are …

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The Equinox and Why Fall Starts Sunday

On Sunday, September 22, the earth’s Northern Hemisphere will move into fall and the Southern Hemisphere will move into spring. The celestial shift that prompts this transition is called an equinox, which happens biannually, around March 21 and September 21. While rotating on its polar axis every 24 hours, the earth sees night and day – as well as the …

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