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Facebook Police Make Sure You’re Using Facebook (and Suggest You Buy Stock)

Facebook reportedly lost 1.4 million U.S. users last month. Or, maybe they didn’t. Metrics can be a tricky thing. Even if Facebook lost roughly 1% of their user base, is it even a huge deal? Things like that fluctuate from month to month and Facebook is damn near saturated in the U.S. market anyway. Whatever the case, the Facebook police …

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The Facebook Police Call 187 On Your Crappy Status

With all of the stupid, banal, borderline maddening stuff that people post on Facebook, don’t you wish that the “report story” option carried a bit more weight? What if clicking it triggered a swift response from a unit dedicated to finding and beating the absolute crap out of the idiot who posted the offensive content? If you’ve ever wished bodily …

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