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Google To Expand Efforts To Block Child Exploitation

Google has been battling child exploitation on the Internet since at least 2006. This past summer, the company announced some additional measures it was taking. For one, Google set up a new $2 million fund to encourage the development of third-party tools to combat the problem. It also announced a cross-industry database where companies and organizations can share info to …

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Jean Paul Gaultier Diet Coke Video Exploits Women

The latest video in Diet Coke’s Serial Designer campaign has been giving viewers the heebie-jeebies. I don’t know if it is Bernadette’s (wooden supermodel puppet) heroine addicted visage or Jean Paul Gautier’s molester like grin and awkward groping of her that is responsible for sparking horror within its audience. This video could be damaging to women because it portrays models …

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Homeless Hotspots Could Result in Numerous Public Health and Safety Risks

Marketing agency BBH Labs was been inspired to turn local homeless people into hotspots while attending the South by South West conference in Austin, Texas. Each homeless representative will be given a sign and a 4G connection to alert people of their location while they walk around and make connections for people in exchange for donations. This idea is sheer …

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