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Elizabeth Warren Seeks to Lessen Student Loan Burden

On Monday, President Obama signed an executive order which would extend the ability to cap one’s student loan repayment amount at 10 percent of one’s income, finally allowing those who borrowed money before 2007 to take advantage of an opportunity many have already capitalized on. Following his own executive order, Obama continued to push student-loan legislation, however, as he endorsed …

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Obama’s Cybersecurity Executive Order Is No CISPA, Contains Privacy Protections

Near the end of President Obama’s State of the Union address, he addressed the need for cybersecurity reform. He also confirmed the long standing rumor that he would indeed be signing an executive order into law that helps increase information sharing between the government and private corporations. What’s surprising, however, is that it does address many of the privacy concerns …

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White House Will Issue Cybersecurity Executive Order On Wednesday [Rumor]

It’s fairly common knowledge that the Obama administration has been crafting an executive order to address cybersecurity for quite some time now. The only thing we didn’t know was when such an order would be made public, but a new report is pegging the announcement for this week. Speaking to The Hill, sources close to the White House said that …

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