Chrome Beta For Desktop Adds Support For Microsoft Office Documents

Chrome Beta For Desktop Adds Support For Microsoft Office Documents

By Zach Walton April 26, 2013 | 1 Comment

Despite Google’s best attempts at getting people to switch to Google Docs, much of the world still works in Microsoft Office. It may be a while before Google can win the format wars; but in the meantime, it will make …

Microsoft Excel AdCenter Add-in & Webinar
Microsoft has announced the launch of the adCenter Add-in for Excel 2007. You might want to download the Add-in from here.

Tracking Campaign Metrics with Excel
Analytics programs are great, but they can quickly have you drowning in a sea of numbers.  Generating lots of data isn’t very helpful if that data isn’t actionable.  You need information that gives insights that you can feed back into your campaign.  One way to tame your data is to massage it into a spreadsheet.

ASP.NET: Export a DataTable to Excel

Back in February I wrote a post on how to export DataTables to XML and Excel and I still get a lot of search engine traffic to that post.

Top CEO Communicator Of The Year

The search is on to find the business leader who can demonstrate outstanding communication leadership for his or her organization.

Useful Excel Data Collection Tip

If you’re in the Web Analytics/SEO industry you will often find yourself trying to copy data into excel from other sources (Keywords, Search Engine Stats, etc…). An article posted at Text Link Brokers makes importing data into excel VERY simple.

Google Spreadsheet No Excel Killer

News stories and blog posts have begun to fill with the carillon of funeral bells for Microsoft as Google readies its minimalist spreadsheet program for public debut.

Office 2007 Feature Finder

As a great way of easing the transition from previous versions of Office, the Office 2007 team has created “Interactive Command Reference Guides”.

Microsoft Excel Link To Access Being Disputed

The data-linking technology, which connects the spreadsheet program to Access databases and is used by hundreds of firms, may be the property of a Guatemalan inventor.

Microsoft Challenges Company Over Trademark

Savvysoft, a New York City-based financial software company is facing a trademark infringement challenge by Microsoft over the use of the term “Excel.”

Dell and Amazon Rank High for Customer Experience

Dell and Amazon.com deliver the best customer experience for consumers shopping online for computers and computer hardware, yet consumers are highly inclined to comparison shop according to a new study.

Guide to Instant Product Creation

One day, not too long ago, most Internet Marketing forums had threads talking about creating eBooks for the purpose of Viral Marketing and the large sums of money that could be made by marketing eBooks. Since then, the evolution of the eBook has come a long way to include software applications which are really just compiled HTML with some kind of JavaScript.

Export ASP.NET DataGrid to Excel

Export to Excel is one of the most common functionality required in ASP.Net pages.

Using Smart Tags to Link Excel Data in Word

If you want to link Excel worksheet data within a Word document, you can use the Paste Options smart tag button to ensure that formatting changes made to the object in your document are not lost when the object in the source file is updated.

Cell Merge Options in Excel 2002
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The Merge and Center button on the Formatting toolbar is now a toggle that can apply or remove center alignment and merge the selected cells. Excel retains only the upper-leftmost data in the selected range in the resulting merged cell. If there is data in other cells, the data is deleted.

Color-Coding Worksheet Tabs in Excel

You can color code worksheet tabs to make them easier to recognize. Tabs for inactive sheets will have a solid background in the chosen color. The tab for the active sheet is underlined in the chosen color. There are 56 colors to choose from.

Using the Excel 2002 Watch Window

Excel’s new Watch Window feature lets you track cell properties including workbook, worksheet, name, cell, value, and formula, even when the cells are out of view.