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Teresa Romero, Spanish Nursing Assistant Infected with Ebola, Declared Free of the Disease

Teresa Romero, the Spanish nursing assistant infected with Ebola, was declared free of the disease Sunday. The 44-year-old, who contracted the disease after treating missionary priests with Ebola after they returned home from West Africa, has recovered after two weeks …

Camping Manager Simulates Campsite Management
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Do you love camping, but hate the outdoors? Well, finally there is a videogame for you. Excalibur Publishing, makers of PC simulation games such as the oddly popular Train Simulator series, will soon release Camping Manager 2012. The game will …

(Some) Hotels Get Special Yahoo Shortcuts

I’ve stayed in a pretty wide range of hotels; none of them seemed dangerous, but some were definitely less pleasant than others.  Now Yahoo Shortcuts is stepping up its effort to help users find the best possible lodgings.