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Lucy Lawless To Star In New “Evil Dead” Series

Lucy Lawless has officially been cast in the upcoming Starz series Ash Vs. Evil Dead, and fans of Xena are pleased at the news of a reunion. Lawless will join her former co-star, Bruce Campbell, for the series as Ruby, a woman on a mission to track down the source of a recent outbreak of evildoing. According to Entertainment Weekly, …

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Prepare Your Boomsticks for This Animated Evil Dead Tribute

There are a lot of people out there who love the “Evil Dead” movies, so much so that they’re willing to stand in line for several hours at numerous horror conventions just to get a peek at their hero, Bruce Campbell. I happen to be one of those folks who grew up watching the “Evil Dead” movies as a kid, …

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Epic Evil Dead 2 Rotoscope Trailer

Cult Classic Evil Dead 2 from legendary filmmaker Sam Raimi gets the rotoscope treatment on this revamped trailer for the original film. This version is great; the rotoscope captures the movie’s already cartoonish appeal perfectly. This 46 second version from PFR Studios took 400 hours of hand drawn vector art to complete! Extremely awesome. I’m want to see the full …

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