Medium Now Counts Barack Obama Among Its Users

Medium Now Counts Barack Obama Among Its Users

By Chris Crum October 10, 2014

The White House announced that the president has joined Medium, the blogging platform Twitter co-founder Evan Williams launched roughly a year ago. Lindsay Holst and Kori Schulman wrote in a post on The White House blog on Thursday: We’re really …

Obvious (Twitter Co-founders) Announce Lift Obvious (Twitter Co-founders) Announce Lift

Obvious, the company that Evan Williams and Biz Stone left Twitter to work on has announced its first official partnership called Lift. Earlier this month, Stone posted an update on what the company is doing at the company, which originally …

Twitter Co-founders Reunite to Make Obvious Dreams Come True Twitter Co-founders Reunite to Make Obvious Dreams Come True

A few months ago, Twitter co-founder and former CEO Evan Williams announced that he was leaving Twitter. This came just after it was revealed that co-founder Jack Dorsey was returning to lead product, and six months after Williams handed the …

Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone Talk Twitter on Piers Morgan

CNN’s Piers Morgan had a show all about Twitter this evening, at a very interesting time in the company’s history. One co-founder that has been gone for years is back, and another one is basically gone (he’s still on the …

Twitter’s Evan Williams Talks About His Future

As Jack Dorsey unexpectedly came back to Twitter to take the product lead, serving as Executive Chairman, it quickly became clear that Evan Williams had his mind elsewhere. Williams made a post on his personal blog this evening, discussing his …

Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Return Accompanied By Questions

After rumors suggesting as much, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey announced yesterday that he is indeed returning to Twitter in a day-to-day capacity. He will lead product as Executive Chairman of the company, while also keeping his role as CEO of …

Twitter Founders Discuss The Origin Of The Name With Jimmy Fallon
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Last night, Twitter founders Evan Williams (@EV) and Biz Stone (@Biz) were guests on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and pair discussed the origins of the Twitter name, and a few that didn’t quite make the cut.

Dick Costolo Appointed CEO Of Twitter
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Almost exactly 13 months ago, Dick Costolo joined Twitter as its COO after founding FeedBurner and working at Google.  Now he’s received a considerable promotion, with Evan Williams announcing that Costolo will serve as Twitter’s CEO.

Why the New Twitter May Benefit Businesses and Marketers Greatly

This week, Twitter introduced a new redesign of Twitter.com with a two-pane format aimed at providing a richer user experience, and you can easily tell by looking at it that it does just that. 

Twitter CEO Talks Stats, Ecosystem, Hints at New Features
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Twitter CEO Evan Williams revealed some numbers about Twitter usage on the company blog, while talking about how the Twitter ecosystem (of third-party developers and apps) continues to play an important role in the company’s success. Twitter has over 145 million registered users, he says.


Liveblogging: Twitter CEO Evan Williams Keynote at SXSW

We’re here at SXSW Interactive waiting for the keynote with Twitter CEO Evan Williams who will discuss "The Next Generation of Social Media." There has been some speculation that an announcement of Twitter’s ad platform could occur at this event, but that may or may not happen. We’ll see.

Either way, I’ll be liveblogging the keynote below. Please forgive the inevitable typos.

Williams will be interviewed by Umair Haque of the Havas Media Lab."

Liveblogging starts

02:00:  Still waiting…

Twitter To Make Suggested Users Feature More Like Twellow’s?

Last month Twitter CEO Evan Williams made some comments at the Web 2.0 Summit, indicating that the company was strongly considering ditching the "Suggested Users" list. This is a list that co-founder Biz Stone once discussed as being a way to get new users engaged with Twitter. This has historically been an important thing for Twitter to consider, as user retention rates have suffered in the past.

New Hitwise Report Exposes Twitter Trouble
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Sorry, Twitter fans (and animal lovers), but you’d better brace yourselves for another round of (hopefully Photoshopped) pics featuring birds in cats’ mouths and squashed against glass doors.  New stats from Hitwise make it look like Twitter isn’t doing so well.

Is Twitter Smart to Ditch the Suggested User List?
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Twitter CEO Evan Willams made some comments at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco that have some Twitter enthusiasts in debate. He reportedly said that he wants to retire the Suggested User List (SUL) as the company prepares to launch its highly anticipated "Lists" feature.

Twitter Traffic Slows as Money Increases
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You might say Twitter is "in the money." As WebProNews previously reported, Twitter has been raising funds at a $1 billion valuation. Twitter CEO Evan Williams wrote on the Twitter Blog today:

There’s a lot of talk today about our financing. Yesterday we closed a significant round of funding with a group of investment firms that we’re excited to publicly thank: Insight Venture Partners, T. Rowe Price, Institutional Venture Partners, Spark Capital, Benchmark Capital, and Morgan Stanley.

Microsoft, Yahoo CEOs Comment On Employees’ Fates
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Personnel-related "efficiencies" can be good or bad, depending on one’s perspective.  Companies want to save money, of course, and their shareholders also appreciate savings.  But employees like to keep their jobs.  So let’s take a look at what sort of effect the Microsoft-Yahoo deal may have.

Who’s Right: TechCrunch or Twitter?
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This past Wednesday it was made public that 300+ confidential documents from Twitter had been stolen. While most industry related sites chose not to post these documents, a few did, most notably being TechCrunch.