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As ACTA Gets Signed, Europeans Protest

At a ceremony in Tokyo, Japan, more members of the European Union signed ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement), ratifying the treaty for the countries that signed it. However, because the European Union parliament as yet to weigh in, ACTA is not currently binding, as in, it’s not a “global law,” yet, anyway. The European Union parliament, according to The Guardian, is …

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ACTA: French MEP Resigns Over “Charade” In Parliament

ACTA has taken a blow already today with the resignation of the French MEP (Member of European Parliament) who was in charge of investigating the bill. On his Web site, Kader Arif posted a statement titled, “ACTA: A masquerade I will not attend.” The original statement was in French and there is no official English translation yet so please forgive …

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ACTA Signed By European Union

ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, has just been signed in by the European Union. ACTA, for those who don’t know, is kind of like SOPA’s big brother. It’s a multi-national trade agreement that seeks to protect copyright through a brutish censorship regime just like SOPA and PIPA. The European Digital Rights Group (EDRI) details their beef with the agreement: The …

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European Union Proposes New Data Privacy Laws

If you could erase all your personal data on the Internet, would you? The BBC is reporting that a new law is going to be proposed to the EU on Wednesday. It would include the provision for a “right to be forgotten” that would require all data on a person retained by social networks, etc to be deleted unless there …

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Google Antitrust Regulation Still Up In The Air In Europe

Google may or may not face a “statement of objections” from the EU’s antitrust department. Apparently it could go either way, as the regulators have so far been unable to decide whether or not to go this route. I guess no news is good news for Google in this case. According to Bloomberg, the formal complaint that may or may …

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Google, EU Said To Be In “Tentative Discussions”

The group that’s fined companies like Microsoft and Intel billions of euros in the past few years might reach a less harsh solution where its antitrust probe of Google is concerned.  Rumors indicate that Google and the European Commission are holding talks.

Note: these rumors are very much unproven, with even the unnamed source who leaked them indicating that negotiations aren’t far along.  Google could still be in a lot of trouble.

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EU Authorities Find Search Engines Still In Breach Of Privacy Law

Even if Facebook’s received the lion’s share of attention from privacy advocates today, a group of European data protection authorities hasn’t forgotten about Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft.  The Article 29 Data Protection Working Party said earlier they’re still not obeying an EU data protection directive.

The companies are all supposed to anonymize search data after no more than six months.  Google’s keeping it for nine, instead, and the Working Party asserted in an open letter to the search giant that it’s doing a poor job of anonymization afterward.

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