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In Vitro Fertilization Using Three People Debated in England

The Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority in the U.K. has begun consulting the public over whether a new in vitro fertilization (IVF) technique that prevents mitochondrial diseases is ethical. The technique, known as mitochondrial replacement, enables women to give birth to children with less risk of passing on a mitochondrial disease. Mitochondrial diseases can sometimes cause muscle weakness, intestinal disorders, …

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Nokia Starts Ethics Review After Faked Ad

Some of the momentum that Nokia gained following last week’s announcement of its new Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 smartphones was halted when it was revealed that an ad for its PureView camera technology was faked. The ad featured a “demonstration” of the PureView’s image stabilization technology. However, a reflection in a window gave away that the camera filming a …

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Texas Instruments Among “World’s Most Ethical Companies”

Apple’s new New iPad has been set loose upon the world today, giving consumers to think about something other than Apple’s dubious labor practices. Meanwhile, in the world of companies that have a high standard for the quality of life of employees, Texas Instruments, makers of amazing toys of my youth but now mostly a manufacturer of notable graphing calculators, …

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Washington Post Masthead On A Chinese Government Publication

Freedom of speech — and thus, consequently, freedom to advertise — are fundamental principles of a free democracy and a thriving capitalist democracy, right? That’s what we’re told in this country from a young age. Well it turns out those freedoms are also employed by the Chinese Communist Party. In America. Namely, in The Washington Post. This is the source …

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Facebook, Teachers & Students: What Not To Do

If you’re a teacher and you have a Facebook account, which is probably most teachers, you are likely to receive friend requests from your students. Students don’t know anything, which is why they need teachers to educate them, and so they may not really understand why this could be a bad idea. As nice as it would be for teachers …

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