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Erykah Badu To Play Parrot-Hybrid Woman In ‘Black Dynamite’ Animated Series

Adult Swim is known for its cutting edge programming, with surreal TV shows as well as forward-thinking animated shows. One of the animated shows in its roster right now is Black Dynamite, an adaptation of the comedy action film starring Michael Jai White. The season finale of Black Dynamite is set to feature appearances by some of hip-hop’s most well-known …

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Erykah Badu Tries To Steal A Kiss From News Reporter

Anyone seen Erykah Badu recently? The singer-songwriter has been the talk of the internet since she Bababooeyed television news reporter Mario Diaz on Friday. Diaz was giving his Pix11 audience the latest scoop on Shia LeBouef’s most recent meltdown live from midtown Manhattan. Then Badu walked into the frame and took the opportunity for an extended videobomb. While Diaz is …

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Erykah Badu Sings “Happy Birthday” To Monarch

It’s very strange for someone who labels themselves as a “community activist” and “conscious spirit” to sing “Happy Birthday” to a monarch who plethora of wives and a love of luxury while his people 63 percent of his people subside off less than $1.25 per day. It’s even stranger when you consider said person’s history, such as setting up their …

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