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Google’s Schmidt Endorses “Mobile First” Approach

Google’s CEO is no doubt interested in search and advertising.  He’s recently talked about journalism and copyright law, too, along with a number of other topics.  But mobile is the subject Eric Schmidt claimed to most interested in last night, and he’s getting Google to focus on it, as well.

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FTC Commissioner Takes Issue With Schmidt, Buzz

FTC Commissioner Pamela Jones Harbour will leave the agency next month, but that’s almost surely not soon enough for Google.  Today, Harbour criticized Eric Schmidt and the rollout of Buzz, and also asked her colleagues to adopt a tougher stance on some privacy-related offenses.

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Schmidt On China: “Something Will Happen Soon”

Two Google executives have again assured onlookers that the company is dealing with the situation in China.  While in Abu Dhabi, Eric Schmidt indicated today that something will happen sooner rather than later, and Nicole Wong told politicians in D.C. that leaving China is still an option.

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Google’s Schmidt Outlines Ways To Fix America

If any organization knows how to innovate, it’s Google; this week alone, the company discussed phones that would translate languages in real time, unveiled a Street View snowmobile, and announced its intention to test ultra high-speed broadband networks.  It may make sense, then, that CEO Eric Schmidt has tried to address America’s "innovation deficit."

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Google Runs First Super Bowl Commercial

With millions watching, Google ran their first Super Bowl Commercial entitled "Parisian Love". If it looks familiar, that’s because it’s one of their "Search Stories" ads which was uploaded to YouTube back in November. You can check it out below…

What did you think of the commercial? Tell us.

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