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Yammer Talks Salesforce Integration and “Friends with Benefits” Campaign Yammer Talks Salesforce Integration and “Friends with Benefits” Campaign

Although Yammer and Salesforce have had a bit of a rocky past, Yammer recently announced that it was integrating activity streams from Salesforce into its own service. This means that sales leads, marketing campaigns, and other content that is entered into Salesforce will appear in Yammer’s stream as well.

SalesForce Launches ChatterExchange, Centers “Entire Strategy” Around Chatter
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Back in November, Salesforce announced its Chatter product, which it referred to as Facebook for the Enterprise. It launched in private beta in February, and now Chatter is set to become integral to the very core of what Salesforce has to offer. I spoke with Kraig Swensrud, senior vice president, product marketing at Salesforce.com ahead of the announcement, who tells WebProNews, "Chatter is at the center of our entire strategy moving forward."

Google Opens New Office For Federal Enterprise Sales
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In a recession, steady customers are a business’s best friend, and it’s hard to name anything as rock-solid (impending change of leadership aside) as the U.S. government.  So Google’s done a rather clever thing and opened an office for the federal division of its Enterprise Sales group in Reston, Virginia.

Enterprise Software Up Google’s Alley?

Google is the king of advertising, and it’s made moves toward productivity software, with Gmail and Google Docs. But what about enterprise software, the stuff that powers businesses, even large ones? Does Google harbor ambitions to be an enterprise software player?