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Google Invests Over $850 Million in Clean Energy Google Invests Over $850 Million in Clean Energy
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Google announced today that it is investing $75 million in a fund with Clean Power Finance to help up to 3,000 homeowners go solar, bringing the company’s total investment in clean energy to $850 million. “As we said when we …

Google PowerMeter Gets New Partner

Powerhouse Dynamics, provider of eMonitor, a circuit-level home energy tool, has become an integrated device partner with Google PowerMeter.

“Powerhouse Dynamics’ integrated device partnership with Google PowerMeter provides our customers with one more level of convenience in viewing home power consumption,” said Powerhouse VP of Business Development Tim Durant.”


Google Participates In First Smart Grid/White Space Trial

Energy efficiency and the white space spectrum have come together thanks to Google, a young company specializing in wireless tech, and an electric utility that also deals in telecommunications.  The organizations announced that the first smart grid wireless network trial is underway.

Google Writes President Over Consumer Energy Info

Google – along with 46 other organizations – is pressing harder than ever for progress in terms of informing consumers about their energy consumption.  Google – and those 46 other entities – wrote a letter to the president today, asking for his help in the matter.

Google Could Sell Energy
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Remember when Google was just a search engine? We often still think about it that way, yet we are frequently reminded of the breadth of product offerings and ultimately the power the company possesses. Power, or energy rather, is actually something Google could end up selling in the future.

Vint Cerf Circles Back To Google’s Smart Grid Efforts

Over the past couple of years, Google’s made several moves that implied a sort of fascination with electricity.  There was the RE<C ("renewable energy cheaper than coal") initiative, its fleet of plug-in hybrids, and the development of the PowerMeter, for example.  Now, Google’s checked in with an update about the smart grid.

Don’t scan this article for completion dates, price tags, or anything of that sort (and don’t bother clicking on the link and doing the same on the other side, either).  Google didn’t provide information along those lines.

Google Testing PowerMeter To Save Energy
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Google is ramping up its efforts to allow consumers to see how much energy they use in real time with a tool it is testing called Google PowerMeter.

Eventually Google plans to make PowerMeter available to consumers who have homes equipped with advanced energy meters called "smart meters" There are about 40 million smart meters in use globally and plans are in the works to add another 100 million over the next few years.

How Much Energy is Consumed by a Google Search?
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Times Online ran an article citing several studies about Internet use and the consumption of energy. Information used for this report suggested that Google searches are responsible for a large amount of CO2 emissions.  The article reads:

Schmidt Aims Algorithms At Energy Crisis
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Green is the new black; math is the new cool; and Google CEO Eric Schmidt has some formulas for increasing energy efficiency, job creation, money saving, and how the Internet will fend off global warming.

Algorithms At Energy Crisis

Sound far-fetched?  Schmidt says, “It’s just a math problem.”

Google Gets Energetic
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The search advertising company sent one of its public policy mavens to Washington DC to talk about energy technology, and call for better federal support for new initiatives in that field.