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Facebook Revamps Embedded Posts, Makes Them Load Faster

Facebook announced that it has redesigned its Embedded Posts, which now load faster, and include per publisher default widths. When a user embeds a post with an image or video, that media will appear above the text and other content, making them more visually appealing like so: Post by FIFA World Cup. According to the company, they now load up …

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Facebook’s Embeddable Posts Go Live for Everyone

Facebook launched embeddable posts in beta back in July, but while the company was working out the kinks they only opened them up to a handful of publishers. Starting today, all publishers can embed any public posts on Facebook. We’re talking statuses, photos, links, and videos. Embedded Facebook posts can be liked or shared directly from the site in which …

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Embeddable Posts Are Coming To Facebook

Have you ever wanted to share a particularly witty Facebook post beyond the confines of the social network? Well, you soon will be able to. Facebook announced today that it’s in the process of rolling out embedded posts. In essence, the new feature allows you to embed public posts from Facebook to your blog or Web site. It’s pretty obvious, …

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