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Spitzer Hired To Write Financial Column For Slate

Former controversial New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, who was forced to resign amid a call girl scandal, will now have a new job writing a column for Slate.com about finances and the economy.

The column is called "The Best Policy," and will run every other week. In his debut column for Slate titled "Too Big Not To Fail" Spitzer takes the U.S. government to task for trying to bailout financial institutions.

Ashley Dupre Loses Her Buzz
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Ashley Dupre, the call girl made famous overnight, officially beat search champ Britney Spears, according to Google Trends. That can only mean one thing, Britney’s about to do something outrageous!

Just kidding. Now that Dad’s hanging around, we may have less exciting Britney-moments. Maybe now we can focus on real news, like expensive hookers.

Who Is The Real Ashley Dupre?
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I admit it. All this Ashley Dupre (or whichever alias you prefer) coverage is a bit on the seedier side of news. But she is now officially a part of American history that will never go away, so she, for the historical record, must be documented so that in a hundred years, history students look back and go "holy crap!"

Or whichever teenage expletive keeps them out of Mom-trouble in 2108. That it’s kind of trashy is just a bonus.

Spitzer Scandal Sheds Light On Web Prostitution
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The controversy surrounding New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has shed light (a red light) on a number of underground activities. Besides government corruption and the sex trade in general, Spitzer’s use of the Internet to connect with prostitutes is exposing a huge industry with which people may not be familiar.

Or even know exists.

The online escort/call girl/"model"/prostitute scene isn’t so hard to find, though. Just use Google. If the organic results don’t fit what you’re looking for, AdWords can help, too.

Spitzer, Amazon.com At Odds Over Sales Tax
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New York Governor Eliot Spitzer wants all online retailers to collect tax on New York sales, even if the retailer is not based in the state.

Amazon Says No To New York State Tax

Amazon.com along with other online retailers may be required to collect sales tax in New York State if a proposal by Governor Eliot Spitzer is adopted. Amazon is opposed to such a plan.

Residents currently are on an honor system when it comes to reporting Internet purchases and paying taxes on those items. Online retailers with a brick-and-mortar presence in the state are required to collect sales tax at the time of the transaction.