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Emily Blunt Rumored To Portray Captain Marvel, Movie Likely To Look For A Director First

Marvel Studios has been trying to land the services of actress Emily Blunt for a while now. The actress has reportedly been offered the role of the Black Widow in Iron Man 2 and of Agent Peggy Carter. Unfortunately, the actress had to give both roles a pass each time. “It was never the right time, really, and it just …

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Emily Blunt Wears New Bling, Promotes Movie

Actress Emily Blunt holds her daughter’s name close to her heart, literally. The Adjustment Bureau star was spotted out and about wearing an adorable Lola James Alter Ego necklace that features her four-month-old daughter’s name, Hazel. Seems as though Mama Blunt was enjoying some alone time away from her bundle of joy and husband, actor John Krasinski, best known for …

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Emily Blunt Dissed ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Co-star Tom Cruise? Yes, She Did!

Emily Blunt used to feel some kind of way about Tom Cruise! However, her sentiments were much less than admirable. As a matter of fact, she didn’t like him very much. Back in 2005, the 31-year-old actress reportedly told The Telegraph that she’d much prefer taking low-budget theater jobs for the rest of her life than star “as a spear carrier …

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