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Google Privacy Changes Draw Suspicion, Senator Pens Letter to FTC Google Privacy Changes Draw Suspicion, Senator Pens Letter to FTC
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One U.S. Senator wants the Federal Trade Commission to take another look at Google, this time for privacy changes the company announced last week that will allow them to use your name and face in advertisements. Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) …

Bill Would Require Captions For Online Video

U.S. Representative Ed Markey (D-MA) is supporting a bill that would require major producers of Internet video to add captions and video description soundtracks to communicate to the blind what is happening on-screen.

Markey: Behavioral Ad Protections Needed For Kids

Online advertisers using behavioral targeting to find their audience attracted the attention of the Federal Trade Commission, who have called for principles of self-regulation for that type of marketing.

Google Endorses Markey’s Net Neutrality Bill

A bipartisan bill to make net neutrality a core tenet of US broadband policy received an introduction to the House of Representatives today.

FCC Pressured To Admit It Sucks

Representative Ed Markey (D-MA) opened up a can of Congressional hearings on the Federal Communication Commission over the regulatory agency’s understanding of what, exactly, constitutes broadband and how many people in the US actually have access to it.

AOL Renews Privacy Concerns In Congress

AOL’s shocking searcher log release has reignited the debate in Congress over whether to restrict Internet companies’ use and storage of user data. Though a bill aimed at protecting user privacy has been effectively tabled since February, the fallout from AOL’s data dump may bring it back into light.