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Google Rocks Q2 Earnings

Google continued its redemption path after 2005′s year-end earnings miss by exceeding analyst expectations for a second straight quarter. “Exceed” is a mild term. A $2.46 billion quarter is a bit beyond “exceed.”

Is CA Really Screwed This Time?

Computer Associates did it again – they have to restate earnings.

eBay Earnings Fall On Stock Expense

Although revenue increased by 35 percent compared to the same quarter last year, net income for eBay moved down by three percent as stock-based compensation expenses impacted the bottom line.

Yahoo Scales Heights On Earnings Report

A strong quarter for Yahoo returned revenue of $1.08 billion driven by the company’s strength in brand-name advertising, which offset softer returns on the paid search side of the business.

Google Tosses IRS Under The Bus
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During its earnings announcement, Google noted how higher than expected taxes caused the company to miss Wall Street expectations.

VoIP Inc. Quiet On Google Talk

The VoiceOne Communications unit of VoIP Inc. signed a pact with Google in September 2005, and Google began implementing services from the company the following month.

Google Down Ahead Of Earnings Announcement

After-hours trading in shares of the search advertising company declined slightly from the previous close, down $1.02 to $425.80.

Taxes Sink Google Earnings

Google looked the Wall Street suits in the eye and said, “we nearly doubled our earnings in the fourth quarter. Profit was up 82 percent. Revenue was up 86 percent. In all, we pulled in $1.29 billion. What do you think?” The Wall Streets suits scowled all in a row and shouted in unison, “You stink!”

Microsoft Reports Solid Earnings

Well, I guess I should be glad I didn’t leave Seattle before the Microsoft earnings report, otherwise having to post about it a day later.

Two Analysts Raise Google Concerns

After a year-plus of nearly continuous share price increases matched by equally lofty financial reports, a couple of stock market analysts think it’s time to sell Google investments.

Google A Speculation, Not An Investment

Google was as good as gold in 2005, but any cracks that appear in the Googleplex facade could send hedge funds fleeing for safer pastures and pressure shares of GOOG downward.

Google 4Q Earnings Webcast Jan. 31st

Google will be announce its 2005 fourth quarter results via Webcast on January 31st at 4:30 EST, the search company announced yesterday.

Google Stock Brushing Against $400

Investors could be partying like it’s 1999 again if GOOG manages to clamber over the $400 per share barrier, hitting a price that even the height of the dot-com era would have seen as excessive.

Jupitermedia Earnings Up, Stock Down

Shares dropped 70 cents before Jupitermedia announced after market-close that revenues and net income grew for the company in the third quarter.

Google Cranks Up 3Q Earnings 96%

The monster of Mountain View known as Google released their third quarter earnings on Thursday and, as consistent with the industry, reported record revenues. This time they hit $1.578 billion, a notch above Yahoo’s reports for the same quarter. This number is up 96% from a year ago and 14% from last quarter.

Yahoo Flying High After Earnings Report

Yahoo released an awesome third quarter earnings report on Tuesday afternoon and investors took it to heart. Yahoo stock shot up to $35.88 a share, up $2.18 or 6.47% and down from the day’s high of $35.94.

Yahoo Earnings Clobbered Predictions

Sunnyvale based Yahoo! Inc. issued their third quarter earnings and they clobbered predictions in the process. With revenues topping $1.33 billion, Yahoo produced another quarter of record earnings.

Yahoo Jumps Before Earnings Report

Yahoo saw their stock rise on Tuesday in anticipation of their quarterly earnings report late this afternoon. The Sunnyvale, California Internet media company, traded on the NASDAQ, saw its shares climb to $34.76 in morning trades, up about 1.5%.

Google Stock Begins To Deflate

The search engine company’s shares have begun to drift downward since their secondary stock offering took place.

Symantec Hits Record Earnings

First quarter number for the security solutions firm showed a record 26 percent increase in revenue.

eBay Earnings Up 53 Percent

The online auction site, at times criticized by its sellers on fees and service issues, posts a sizable earnings increase.