Google Has A Lot To Say About Duplicate Content These Days

Google Has A Lot To Say About Duplicate Content These Days

By Chris Crum December 22, 2013 | 44 Comments

Duplicate content has been an issue in search engine optimization for many years now, yet there is still a lot of confusion around what you can and can’t do with it, in terms of staying on Google’s good side. In …

Google Penguin Update: Don’t Forget About Duplicate Content Google Penguin Update: Don’t Forget About Duplicate Content

There has been a ton of speculation regarding Google’s Penguin update. Few know exactly what the update specifically does, and how it works with Google’s other signals exactly. Google always plays its hand close to its chest. “While we can’t …

Google’s Matt Cutts Talks Duplicate Content And Different Languages Google’s Matt Cutts Talks Duplicate Content And Different Languages

Google’s Matt Cutts has put out a video talking about duplicate content. He was responding to the following user-submitted question: Will multilingual translations of one [piece of] content across different websites attract [a] duplicate content penalty? “The simple answer is …

Google Adds New Duplicate Content Messages to Webmaster Tools Google Adds New Duplicate Content Messages to Webmaster Tools

Google announced today that it is launching new Webmaster Tools messages to notify webmasters when its algorithms select an external URL instead of one from their website, in duplicate content scenarios. Google defines “cross-domain URL selection” as when the representative …

Google on Duplicate Content Concerns Regarding Blog Posts on the Home Page Google on Duplicate Content Concerns Regarding Blog Posts on the Home Page

As you may know, Google’s Matt Cutts often posts videos on the company’s Webmaster Help YouTube channel, answering user questions. He linked to one today about duplicate content concerns and having blog posts on your home page. The question was, …

rel=”author” is Same-Site Only rel=”author” is Same-Site Only

I managed to ping Google’s @mattcutts after the announcement of rel=”author” support from Google on Twitter and he clarified the use case a little. As Twitter’s search is still so terrible at finding things I am adding the conversation here. …

Foner Books – Another Victim of the Google Update

We’re hearing a lot of interesting stories regarding the fallout of Google’s recent search algorithm update, which was aimed at reducing the rankings of lower quality content. We noticed Morris Rosenthal,owner of Foner Books had some grievances, expressed on his blog. We reached out to hear more of his story, and he was happy to share quite a bit. 

Content Syndication Is Your Friend

Content duplication has been a buzz topic in SEO for a while now. You can read about it til you puke and never have to leave WebProNews.com. It’s one of the modern webmaster’s favorite things to fret over and has been for at least two years.

Duplicate Content Owners Catch a New Break from Google

Google announced that it now offering cross-domain support of the rel="canonical" link element. If you are unfamiliar with this link element, Google’s Matt Cutts discussed it with us here. Basically, it’s a way to avoid duplicate content issues, but until now, you couldn’t use it across domains.

Duplicate Content on Google, Bing & Yahoo
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Duplicate content is a common occurrence on the web and in many cases can hurt search engine rankings. While the search engines may not always technically penalize webmasters for duplicate content, there are still a lot of ways it can hurt.

WebProNews is covering the Search Marketing Expo (SMX) East in New York, where representatives from the three major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) discussed how their respective web properties handle duplicate content issues. Following are some takeaways from each.

10 Search Topics That Require Further Discussion
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The search industry has changed a lot since it was conceived years ago. The rate of change shows no signs of slowing down either. That’s one reason why it pays to keep up with the current trends and discussions surrounding the industry. One way to do this is through attending conferences. WebProNews attended and covered Search Engine Strategies in Chicago this week, and we’ve put together ten selections that can help you learn a thing or two for your own search engine marketing endeavors.

Be Proactive to Avoid Duplicate Content Issues
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Google may have busted the "duplicate content myth" a while back, saying that you don’t technically get "penalized" for it, but that doesn’t mean it is a good thing. Shari Thurow of Omni Marketing Interactive says you should care about it so that your better pages are available to rank.

Google Gives Webmasters Another Duplicate Content Eliminator
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Google has added a new way for webmasters to tell it which parameters in URLS, they wish to be ignored. They have added a new feature to Google Webmaster Tools called simply, "Parameter Handling." Google provides the following explanation with the feature:

Google Busts the Duplicate Content Myth
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While Google’s Matt Cutts has certainly provided a wealth of helpful tips via the company’s Webmaster Central YouTube channel, he is not the only one to do so.

Duplicate Content Not An Everyday Problem
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If you’re responsible for a handful of blogs or sites, and have been wearing holes in a thesaurus to avoid using the same phrase twice, rest easy.  At SMX Advanced, Matt Cutts said some things about duplicate content that should comfort the average blogger or small business owner.

Internationalizing Without Duplicate Content Worries
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Priyank GargThe SMX Confernece was in Sydney Australia last week, and one topic discussed by representatives of both Google and Yahoo was that of duplicate content filtering across international domains. Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz notes that while the subject has been discussed in the past, many people including experts in the field have been in the dark.

Canonical Tag Announced: Google’s Matt Cutts Interviewed
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