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Google Has A Lot To Say About Duplicate Content These Days

Duplicate content has been an issue in search engine optimization for many years now, yet there is still a lot of confusion around what you can and can’t do with it, in terms of staying on Google’s good side. In fact, even in 2013, Googles’ head of webspam Matt Cutts has had to discuss the issue in several of his …

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Matt Cutts Talks Duplicate Content Once Again

Google’s Matt Cutts has a new video out about duplicate content, a subject he has discussed many times in the past. If you have a site that you use to sell a product that other sites also sell, and are concerned that pages listing the “ingredients” of said product will be seen as duplicate content, this one’s for you. Cutts …

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Matt Cutts Talks About Duplicate Content With Regards To Disclaimers, Terms/Conditions

Google’s Matt Cutts has put out a new Webmaster Help video once again discussing duplicate content. This time it’s about duplicate content with regards to how it relates to legally required content, such as disclaimers and terms and conditions. The exact question Cutts responds to is: How does duplicate copy that’s legally required (ie Terms & Conditions across multiple offers) …

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In Case You Were Wondering, Quoting Isn’t Duplicate Content [Matt Cutts]

Google’s Matt Cutts has put out his latest Webmaster Help video. This time he takes on a pretty classic topic – duplicate content. There’s not much here that any industry veterans will find to be of particular interest, but he is answering a user-submitted question, so clearly there are people out there unsure of Google’s take on quoting other sources. …

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Matt Cutts Addresses Duplicate Content Issue In New Video

This week, Google posted a new Webmaster Help video featuring Matt Cutts talking about a potential duplicate content issue. This time, he even broke out the whiteboard to illustrate his points. Specifically, Cutts addressed the user-submitted question: Many sites have a press release section, or a news section that re-posts relevant articles. Since it’s all duplicate content, would they be …

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Google Penguin Update: Don’t Forget About Duplicate Content

There has been a ton of speculation regarding Google’s Penguin update. Few know exactly what the update specifically does, and how it works with Google’s other signals exactly. Google always plays its hand close to its chest. “While we can’t divulge specific signals because we don’t want to give people a way to game our search results and worsen the …

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