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Wine Glasses: Be Classy And Nerdy This Christmas

Wine glasses are no longer a status symbol. Everybody and their mother can enjoy wine these days, including nerds. If you have a nerdy wine lover in your family, you might want to check out a few of these gift …

Neverwinter Gets Meta With In-Game Dungeons & Dragons Tabletop Game

It’s rare to find a video game that captures the fun of playing a tabletop RPG. The old Dungeons & Dragons games used to do this, but the newer ones just feel like average fantasy video games. The latest – …

Dungeons & Dragons Reboot Will Be Shaped By Fans

D&D players: Are you ready for a reboot? Although fantasy role-playing might owe it all to Dungeons & Dragons, the game itself is struggling to stay relevant in a world full of RPG options. Gaming analysts say that D&D sales …

Gary Gygax Departs For Ethereal Plane
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Gygax co-created Dungeons & Dragons, a roleplaying game that likely occupied some time for the geeks you know today. We bid farewell to him.