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Belle Knox Sheds Light On Porn Industry In New Docu-Series

Becoming Belle Knox is a five part docu-series about the story of Miriam Weeks, the Duke University student who gained prominence when it was revealed she was doing porn to send herself to school. Known by her stage name “Belle Knox,” also as “the Duke porn star,” Weeks says it was Condé Nast who came to her with the concept …

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Alzheimer’s May Be Predicted by Brain Plaques

According to a new study conducted by Duke Medicine, brain scans using radioactive dye may help to predict an impending development of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as future cognitive decline in otherwise healthy adults. In an article published in the online journal Molecular Psychiatry, researchers revealed that identification of residue that forms in the brain called silent beta-amyloid plaque could …

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Weight Loss Through Aerobics More Effective Than Resistance Training, Shows Study

A new study shows that aerobic exercises are more effective at burning fat than resistance training or a combination of resistance and aerobic training. The study, published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, analyzed the body composition of overweight or obese adults without diabetes who took on one of three different exercise regimins. The researchers state that it is the …

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