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Trading Violins For Guns: Combating Cartel Violence

Efrain has set aside his violin and picked up a rifle. This man is a man who once prided himself on entertaining audiences as a mariachi singer in the Mexican state of Michoacan. Now Efrain driven by hopes of avenging the deaths of his two young nephews. The young men were just nineteen and twenty years of age when they …

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Mexico Prison Stormed By Gunmen, Nine Dead

An exchange of gunfire occurred on Friday at a prison in Guerrero, Mexico. Six men disguised as police officers commuted to the facility in a stolen pickup truck and pretended to transport an inmate. Once inside the doors of the prison, they started confrontation with some of the guards and inmates. Four inmates and five assailants were killed in the …

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Zetas Leader Captured, Probably Won’t Reduce Cartel Violence

Zetas Leader Miguel Angel Trevino Morales was recently captured in Mexico. His arrest is a major win against the drug cartels that have terrorized Mexico for the past few years. It’s being reported that Morales was arrested when Mexican Marines pulled over a pickup truck near Nuevo Laredo. The truck contained not only Morales, but also a bodyguard, an accountant, …

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49 Headless Bodies: Mexico’s Grisly Discovery

In gruesome news out of Mexico today, authorities found the mutilated bodies of 49 victims dumped on the highway leading to Texas from San Juan over the weekend and are calling it “drug related”, as the spray-painted tag “100% Zeta” was found on a sign nearby. The Zetas are a heavily-armed gang and have been at war with rival drug …

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