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Dropbox For Business Makes Life Easier For IT Teams

Dropbox announced some updates to Dropbox for Business, which should make things a little easier for IT teams in the administration, security, and integration areas. For one, they’ve added tiered admin roles. There are three tiers: Team admin, User management admin, and support admin. The idea is that day-to-day responsibilities can be delegated by having different roles assigned to each …

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Dropbox Announces Dropbox For Business With Single Sign-On

Dropbox announced “Dropbox for Business” on Wednesday. The company says that it’s making a lot of changes to make Dropbox better for companies of all sizes, so it’s rebranding “Dropbox For Teams” as “Dropbox For Business”. One of the upcoming features is single sign-on (SSO). Dropbox’s Anand Subramani explains: SSO works behind the scenes to let users sign in just …

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