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LIMBO Special Edition Comes With 3D Glasses

Everyone’s favorite high-contrast indie game just got a new special edition with tons of goodies. Playdead, the independent Danish development studio behind the award-winning LIMBO, announced today that LIMBO: Special Edition is now available for order in online game stores. The special edition, which Playdead states was created for fans, includes DRM-free versions of LIMBO for both the Mac and …

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Tor and Forge E-Books to go DRM-Free by Early Summer

DRM is a bit of a conundrum. It has, as far as I know, never deterred piracy, yet entertainment companies continue to implement DRM solutions that hinder or block paying customers. A recent example is that both Sony and Microsoft are reportedly considering anti-used-games DRM for their next-generation consoles. But not all companies fail to see that DRM is a …

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