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Drivers Distracted Around 10% of the Time, Shows Study

Proponents of driverless vehicle technology have argued that such technology could be much safer than human drivers, who are often distracted while on the road. A new study is now back in up this assertion, showing just how inattentive most …

Teens’ Music Distracts From Driving, Shows Study

Teen drivers are notorious for higher rates of vehicle accidents and higher insurance premiums. Though assumptions might blame inexperience for this trend, a new study has shown that teens’ music choices could be influencing these statistics. The study, to be …

Talking And Driving Clogs Traffic

People using mobile phones while driving contribute to traffic congestion, according to a University of Utah study. Regardless of whether they use a handset or Bluetooth, the conversation itself causes motorists to drive slower on the freeway and to be less likely to pass slower-moving vehicles.