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DriveClub Is The Latest Next-Gen Launch Title To Be Delayed

Developing for next-gen consoles is hard. That’s presumably the reason why Ubisoft decided to delay Watch Dogs into next Spring. It also may be why Sony is making the difficult decision to delay one of its much hyped launch titles. Shuhei Yoshida, President, SCE Worldwide Studios, took to the PlayStation Blog today to announce that Evolution Studios’ DriveClub has been …

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Here’s 10 Minutes Of DriveClub Gameplay

On November 15, Sony will unleash the PlayStation 4 onto the world. With it, the company has a launch lineup of pretty much every genre imaginable, including racing games. Sony’s racing game is called DriveClub, and it comes from Motorstorm developer Evolution Studios. We’ve already seen quite a bit of DriveClub in carefully crafted game trailers, but we’ve yet to …

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Sony To Try Its Luck With Two Racing Games On Two Different Consoles This Year

It’s pretty common to see a new generation of consoles launch with a racing game. The Xbox One has Forza Motorsport 5 and both next-gen consoles will be getting Need for Speed Rivals and The Crew. Sony is going to try a little something new this year, however, by launching the PS4 with a racing game while launching an entirely …

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