Re/code (The New All Things D) Introduced For The New Year

Re/code (The New All Things D) Introduced For The New Year

By Chris Crum January 2, 2014

Back in September, The Wall Street Journal and its tech site All Things D announced that they were parting ways, and now with the new year, we get to see both the new Wall Street Journal tech section and the …

Wall Street Journal Launches Pro Edition For Consumers

Dow Jones & Company said today it has launched The Wall Street Journal Professional Edition for consumers.

The Wall Street Journal Launching Professional Edition

Dow Jones & Company said today it would launch "The Wall Street Journal Professional Edition," aimed at providing business readers with more in-depth information.

Wall Street Journal Professional Edition

Dow Jones Exec Describes Google As “Digital Vampire”

Given how everyone seems to love HBO’s "True Blood" and a certain series of books by Stephenie Meyer, it might, at first listen, have been possible to imagine that a Dow Jones exec gave Google a compliment yesterday.  The man wasn’t being overly nice when he compared Google to a "digital vampire," though. 

Cisco Added to Dow Jones Industrial Average

Cisco Systems has been added to the Dow Jones Industrial Average as General Motors has of course been removed. Cisco released the following statement via the company blog:

Wall Street Journal Gives Employees Social Media Rules
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We’ve seen newspaper publishers forbid employees from accessing social networks before. The Wall Street Journal is not restricting access, but they are restricting how social networks are used by their employees.

Publishers Collaborate on New Microsoft Advertising Offering

Today Microsoft announced the creation of the Publisher Leadership Council, a group of Web publishers who will consult on the development of Microsoft PubCenter, its next-generation advertising platform for digital media publishers.

Digital Revenue Becoming More Important To Dow Jones

Dow Jones is about as old a company as you’re likely to run into; founded in 1882, it makes at least a couple of countries look young.  It’s staying with the times, though, as Rupert Murdoch expects considerably more than half of its revenue will soon come from digital undertakings.

Well, At Least One FCC Commissioner Isn’t An Idiot

Federal Communications Commissioner Michael J. Copps isn’t happy about how the commission has handled a number of recent issues, and is speaking loudly about it. And if one is as disgruntled as much of the public is, then that might be a positive sign.

Dow Jones Denies News Corp. Buyout

A report from British news site The Business that Dow Jones had officially been sold to Rupert Murdoch is being called untrue by spokespersons for both the Bancroft family, which owns Dow Jones.

GE, Microsoft Look To Out-Murdoch News Corp

News Corp.’s bid to buy Dow Jones, and by default, the most influential financial newspaper in the world, the Wall Street Journal, seems to have spooked media rival General Electric into making a bid for the company as well.

Murdoch Would Bolster WSJ’s Digital Presence

The letter has it all – bold print, bullet points, and italics.  It’s 1,200 words long.  And it’s signed by billionaire Rupert Murdoch.  That’s right – Murdoch’s most recent communication regarding a Dow Jones takeover has been published by The Wall Street Journal, a Dow Jones property.

Which may not have been what the billionaire intended.  “We are disappointed, as I imagine you are, that the details of our proposal and the discussion of the merits of a potential combination have become a matter of public debate,” he wrote to the Bancroft family (which owns Dow Jones).  Yet the letter was unfailingly courteous, and modesty ruled the day.

Google Mentioned As Dow Jones Suitor

News Corp’s hostile $5 billion offer for publisher Dow Jones may spur a bidding war, and Google’s name has been invoked alongside other potential bidders.

Google Syndicating Video Through AdSense

Google is bringing video to AdSense, and they’re doing it right now. Though there were sightings of the new contextual video ads, real buzz didn’t develop until the New York Times confirmed Dow Jones, Conde Nast and Sony BMG were in on it.

Dow Jones Forges Video Partnership W/Blinkx
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Video search engine Blinkx.tv and Dow Jones Online announced a partnership today to serve up video clips from The Wall Street Journal Online, MarketWatch.com, and Barron’s Online.