Media Rating Council Gives Viewable Display Impressions Green Light

Media Rating Council Gives Viewable Display Impressions Green Light

By Chris Crum April 1, 2014

The Media Rating Council (MRC) announced that it has lifted its advisory on “Viewable Impressions” for display advertising. This means the industry can begin transacting on the metric for the first time in a shift from served impressions to those …

AdWords Contextual Engine Gets Biggest Upgrade Ever AdWords Contextual Engine Gets Biggest Upgrade Ever

Google announced changes to AdWords, which the company says will simplify the way advertisers buy and run display ads through AdWords. “For nine years, AdWords customers have been buying display campaigns through an interface designed for search,” says Google’s AdWords …

Facebook Continues Display Ad Domination Facebook Continues Display Ad Domination

According to new data from comScore, Facebook had 27.9% of all online display-ad impressions last year, up from 21% the previous year. According to the firm, Yahoo was in second place at 11% (up from 10.9% the year before), leaving …

Google’s AdMeld Acquisition Made Official Google’s AdMeld Acquisition Made Official

Last week, a report came out that Google had acquired AdMeld for around $400 million. While the price has not been confirmed, Google did officially announce the acquisition today. Google’s VP of Display Advertising, Neal Mohan, wrote on the Official …

Google Buys AdMeld for $400 MIllion: Report Google Buys AdMeld for $400 MIllion: Report
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According to an unconfirmed report from Michael Arrington at TechCrunch, citing “multiple sources,” Google has acquired ad optimization platform AdMeld for around $400 million. AdMeld CEO Michael Barrett led global sales at Fox Interactive Media, Co-Founders Ben Barokas and Brian …

Eric Schmidt Backs Display Ad Company Spongecell Eric Schmidt Backs Display Ad Company Spongecell

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt (along with others) has invested in Spongecell, an online display advertising company. Spongecell announced this morning that it has completed a new round of financing led by Schmidt and Jim Pallotta, Chairman and Managing Director …

Google Simplifies Bidding on the Display Network

Google’s display network is a great way for small business advertisers to dabble in the banner advertising space.

Whilst the planning, set up and management of banner advertising through Google’s display network is fairly straight forward, one part of the process was a bit more convoluted than it should have been – the bidding on managed placements.

People who’ve used “managed placements” in the display network might have recalled seeing 3 default bids for their ad groups – namely:

Yahoo Acquires Display Ad Specialist Dapper

Dapper, a company that deals in both creating and optimizing display ad campaigns, is now the property of Yahoo, Inc.  Yahoo announced the acquisition this afternoon.

There are at least a couple reasons for Yahoo fans to be excited about this development.  One is Dapper’s impressive list of clients and partners, which includes organizations like AdBrite, AOL, DoubleClick, Expedia, Kayak, Microsoft, and PubMatic.

Google to Offer Interesting New Display Ad Formats

While you may not tend to think about display ads when you think about Google, the company seems to be working hard to change that. Google says display advertising is at the heart of what it is doing these days, and that 99% of its top 1,000 clients are running campaigns on the Google Display Network. 

What the Display Ad Landscape Looks Like in the U.S.

comScore has revealed some findings on display ads in the U.S. Flash and rich media ads account for 40% of impressions, according to the firm’s report. JPEG ads led the market with over 42% of impressions in the U.S., while "leaderboard"-style banner ads (728 x 90) were the most commonly viewed display ad by size.

Google Announces Google Display Network
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Google announced that it is putting all of its non-search display advertising offerings together into one network called the Google Display Network.

Offerpal Launches New Display Ad Network for Social Networks

The big question businesses have about social media these days is, "how can I measure ROI?" With straight advertising in social networks, that becomes pretty clear, and Offerpal has launched a new display ad network for social media. If you’re unfamiliar with Offerpal, it’s a platform that lets advertise and developers monetize social media apps.

McAfee Lends Security to 99% of Rich Media Ads in U.S.
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McAfee and Adgregate have partnered on what they’re calling the industry’s first secure advertising. WebProNews spoke with Brent Remai, VP of Consumer Marketing at McAfee about what this means for advertising.

2010: The Year of the Display Ad for Google?
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This could be the year of the display ad. That’s not to say that display ads aren’t prevalent every year, but Google has only been involved with that for a little while, and if analysts’ projections are accurate, this will be the year that Google’s display ad business tops $1 billion in sales.

Google Launches New Display Ad Measurement Tool

Google has launched a new tool in the US and the UK to measure the impact of display ad campaigns across the Google Content Network. It’s called Campaign Insights.

Google says the tool can give reliable data about how a campaign has raised brand awareness or active user interest, in a particular product or service. It calculates the incremental lift in both online search activity and website visits resulting from a display ad campaign.

Search Ads Convert Better with Display

eZanga is a company that prides itself on providing online advertisers with local, regional, and national advertising with high ROI. The company has now launched display advertising with search.

CEO Rich Kahn tells WebProNews about the significance of this, and talks about why things are looking bright for online advertising, and specifically display advertising.

AT&T Enters the Yahoo Ad-Selling Business
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Yahoo and AT&T announced a partnership, where AT&T will sell Yahoo! display ad inventory to local businesses in the US. They will begin doing so later this summer.

"Local businesses are looking to drive in-store traffic, and our alliance with AT&T Interactive will help them reach a local audience of highly-engaged potential customers on Yahoo!," said Jim Schinella, Senior Vice President, North America Region, Yahoo!.