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Stanford’s Facebook App Development Group

Today I noticed that a couple of my Facebook friends joined the group: Creating New Apps for Facebook (New Stanford Course).

iCrossing Acquires Web Development Agency

iCrossing received $62 million in funding last week, and Jeffrey Herzog, the digital marketing company’s founder and CEO, said that a portion of it would go towards “strategic acquisition capital.”  Herzog wasn’t kidding – iCrossing has now bought Proxicom.

Google Named Most Significant E-Biz Development

Google properties made up three of the top 10 most significant e-commerce developments of the last decade, according the Software & Information Industry Association.

Automated Content Development & Moral Dilemmas
Fantomaster had a great comment about whether automated content generation is moral:

IABC Takes Professional Development to China

As a long-time member of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) with a strong belief in the value of connecting communicators on a global basis, I was very interested to learn that IABC has partnered with the Shanghai Public Relations Association (SPRA) to bring IABC’s accreditation programme to China.

In a press release yesterday, IABC said:

The SEO Playbook (Welcome to the Rabbit Hole)

SEO is about more than meta tags, title tags, and targeted anchor text. Call it "competitive webmastering", "SEO", or any one of a slew of other titles – it is the thought process of lateral thinking and understanding of website creation and marketing combined that matters most.

Expert Link Builders Tell All
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I know you have plenty to read already, but…

Rae Hoffman, aka Sugarrae asked several well known link builders to do a group interview on link development.  See Five Link Development Experts: A Group Interview. The results are surprisingly candid and varied, yet share a common thread. 

Adobe Launches Creative Suite 3
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Adobe Systems has launched their Adobe Creative Suite 3 product line, the company’s largest software release in their 25-year history. The product line offers integrated design and development tools for graphic artists and web designers.

Creative Suite 3 brings together Adobe and Macromedia products that will give designers and developers a number of options for print, Web, mobile interactive, film and video production.

Social Media and Support Communities

Social Media is a hot phrase currently. It’s an extension of the idea implicit in that Times Magazine selection of YOU (that’s all of us) as Person Of The Year in 2006.

Microsoft Teaching Web Development For Free

The company’s Express editions of products like Visual Studio have been available for several months.

Handing powerful tools to novice developers without a training option left them dependent on other resources to learn how to use them.

Link Buying and Link Development

I’ve recently been on a particularly aggressive link buying spree.

Although as a SEO I know buying links means buying some degree of placement on search engines, and Google is the main target.

However, I’m buying for informational sites – communities and blogs – with no real revenue streams.

So instead of trying to link bomb for money keywords, I’m trying to hit longtail search traffic, which may bring in much more targeted traffic – traffic either more likely to join a community or subscribe to a blog feed, or else click out via paid ads.

LAMP Development – Backbone of the World Wide Web
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The World Wide Web has always been an entity that needed a little bit of help in order to run effectively.

Web Development On Your Own Terms

The early days of web development saw a relatively small handful of ‘experts’ and had them seeking to find ways to make a website do what their client wanted them to do.

PHP Development Becoming Increasingly Popular
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PHP simply refers to Hypertext Preprocessor and is becoming quite popular due to the wide nature of functions that it can be used for.

Adobe’s Apollo to Ease Desktop Development?

In early 2005, when Adobe announced an agreement to acquire Macromedia, creative professionals released a collective gasp. Many worried about a creative software monopoly, others pondered the fate of competing applications (GoLive versus Dreamweaver, Freehand versus Illustrator, etc), and some dreamed of what offspring may come of this union.

Stake Your Claim on the Mobile Web

With the Internet growing so rapidly do you ever wonder if you are missing a new trend or technology that could boost your bottom line?

Choosing a Framework for Web Development

I recently had the opportunity to develop a small online booking system. This time around I was determined to make use of some development framework.

Web Development With SEO In Mind

When a business owner decides to bring their business to the web, generally the last thing that they think about is search engine optimization.

Web Development Offshoring Challenges

I had a conversation with a client in which he told me about his frustrations trying to get quality web development done overseas.

Developing a Profitable Web 2.0 Project in 24 Hours

It took seven months to get the One Million Masterpiece charity project online. The site is complex and needed the development time, but in the last few days I’ve had a yearning to see if I can still turn around a project in 24 hours.

Obvious Corp. Buying Odeo

Evan Williams and other Odeo employees buying control of Odeo back from their VCs is definitely an interesting piece of news because it’s not that common, and it says something interesting about what some companies are experiencing right now.

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