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Nintendo Licenses Autodesk Gameware For Wii U

GDC has been crazy so far with developers saying it’s alright to piss off gamers to indie developers saying that Japanese games suck. Where’s the real news though? Where’s the mind blowing announcement that nobody saw coming? Oh, Nintendo just …

Intel Unveils Graphics Performance Analyzers 2012 Intel Unveils Graphics Performance Analyzers 2012

At the Game Developers Conference (GDC) today in San Francisco, Intel released Intel GPA 2012, the latest suite of tools for game and media app developers to optimize performance. The new software is now available for smartphones, tablets, and ultrabook …

GDC 2012: Realm Of The Mad God Developer Talks Post Release Updates

Spry Fox Games took a huge undertaking last year by releasing Realm of the Mad God. Not only was it an MMO which is already hard to manage and constantly develop, it was also a bullet hell shooter which requires …

GDC 2012: Tweets From the Game Developers Conference

The highly attended Game Developers Conference opened today at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Here are some of the reactions to the opening day we have selected from Twitter: @YouTubeYouTubeHow many Post-it notes does it take to kick off …

2012 Game Developers Conference Is A Go

This week will see the launch of the iPad 3, but another event is going down this week that vies for your attention – GDC. The 2102 Game Developers Conference starts today and will be taking place at the Moscone …

Atari Wants You To Remake Pong

Pong is one of the greatest games ever made. Maybe not for its compelling gameplay, but for its simplicity that brought video games to millions of households. Atari has never really captured that kind of magic again, but they are …

Apple Preparing To Launch Developer ID Program Apple Preparing To Launch Developer ID Program

When the Mac App Store launched a year ago, reactions were generally positive. Some, however, worried that Apple was moving toward the “walled garden” approach it has taken with the iOS platform. While software can be loaded onto a Mac …

Gowalla Acquired By Facebook Gowalla Acquired By Facebook
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Facebook has acquired location-based provider Gowalla, according to a report. Citing “a source close to Gowalla”, CNN Money says Facebook has purchased the company for an undislosed amount. The Gowalla team, including founder Josh Williams, will move from their Austin, …

Angry Birds Developer Calls For Death Of Console Gaming
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The television was supposed to kill radio. The internet is supposed to stab television in the back. Email is supposedly going to be dead in a few years due to social media. I wonder if Twitter will commit harikari in …

Important Bing Developer Leaves For eBay

It seems that Microsoft’s taking three steps forward and one step back, with its hiring of other companies’ employees. It just lost Hugh Williams to eBay.

AOL speaks up with Open Voices API

Developers will be able to build applications to integrate AIM Call Out into devices with wi-fi connections as well as SIP-enabled devices, and softphones.

Yahoo Resets Mobile Platform At CES

Several changes to Yahoo’s mobile strategy will start with an open developer platform and updated offerings to those who access Yahoo from a wireless phone.

Googlers Develop Developer Event Calendar

Pamela Fox, of Google Developer Programs, and colleague Austin Chau "hacked up" a new calendar for the developer community at large. Developers will be able to list their upcoming events and parties.

Facebook Opens Developer Platform
Online social network site Facebook has now opened up its developer platform to other social networking sites.

Googler Moves On To Meetup

Google’s doing amazingly well, so any sort of “abandoning a burning ship” metaphor is way off base.  Still, a lot of employees are leaving the search giant, and the latest to do so is a man named Dominic Preuss.

Yahoo Adds New Blog To Developer Network

Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo announced today that Yahoo will feature a blog on the Yahoo Developer Network focused on Hadoop.

Google Flashes $10M At Android Developers

Google isn’t looking for the next Commander Data, but mobile applications for the free, open platform they recently announced.

Looking at Google Android, Developer Kit & Competition
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Google created a video showcasing Android, the Google-initiated, Linux-based open source mobile operating system being backed by the recently announced – and again Google-initiated – Open Handset Alliance.

Platform Possibilities: Bebo, Not MySpace

More platform rumors are flying this week. After the success of Facebook’s platform, it seems like everyone and their social network is scrambling to get their own version out. We’ve already seen rumors about Google’s and MySpace’s intentions. Today, the MySpace rumors are called into question and Bebo rumors start.

What’s it Mean When A Facebook App is Sold?
I should begin by clearly stating I’m no legal expert, application developer or feeling overly paranoid (oh shut up!). However, my travels today led me to discover something I wasn’t aware of before.

Facebook applications can be sold by their creators.

Google AJAX Search API Including Image Results
Google AJAX Search API now has image search results reports the Goog