Microsoft Building Team of Rust Developers

Microsoft is building a team of Rust developers, both for internal work and collaboration with the community.

Facebook Allowed 5,000 Developers to Improperly Access User Data

Facebook has admitted to yet another misstep with customer data, allowing 5,000 developers to access it after the cutoff date.

Google’s Flutter Now Boasts 2 Million Users

Google’s open-source user interface (UI) framework has already hit the 2 million user milestone, just 16 months after release.

Core GitHub Features Free For Everyone

GitHub has announced that its core features, including private repositories with unlimited collaborators, are now free for all users.

Apple App Store Growing Fast, Paid $20 Billion to App Developers in 2016

The Apple App Store has paid out over $20 billion to developers in 2016, which is an increase of over 40% over 2015, according to Apple. They also said that January 1, 2017 had the highest dollar volume of app…

Social Media Pulse Model Predicts Tweet Explosions

“When you notice patterns over time, you have a suspicion that there’s an underlying reason why they happen — and maybe we can encode that in a model so that with just a little bit of data we can predict…

New Amazon F1 Instance Reduces Capital-Intensive and Time-Consuming Steps in App Development

Amazon’s is making news about lots of interesting things at its AWS re:Invent 2016 conference currently underway in Las Vegas, and their just announced AWS F1 Instance is no exception. “Today we are launching a developer preview of the new…

Microsoft Democratizing AI with Cognitive Toolkit Release

Microsoft is changing folks, it’s no longer the hated technology company that hoards power and technology. Today, Microsoft released to developers an updated version of the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit that uses deep learning so that computers, using huge data sets,…

Google+ Upgrades to a core Google Apps for Work Service

The Google Apps Team has announced on their blog that starting today, Google+ is considered a core Google Apps for Work service when used within a domain or corporate intranet. This gives Google+ the same level of technical support as…

Amazon Kinesis Analytics Announced for AWS Developers

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is making available Amazon Kinesis Analytics, enabling continuous querying of streaming data using standard SQL. This allows developers to create SQL queries on live and continuous data for real-time analysis. No new programming skills are needed.…