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Is Being A B2B Data Provider Foursquare’s True Calling?

Foursquare is looking to do more with its location data on the B2B front. The company is touting its Location Cloud offering, which it calls “the most complete set of place data and geo-technology powering the digital world.” “Location data is more than just a point in space or set of latitude and longitude coordinates. By aggregating and analyzing massive …

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Foursquare Touts 45M Users, $35M in New Funding

It’s been a big, transformative year for location-focused app Foursquare. For the past year, Foursquare has been making both incremental and monumental shifts in the core functionality of the app, taking it from just another check-in game to a real local search and discovery platform – one that can truly compete with the likes of Yelp, Google Places, and more …

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Foursquare Gets $41 Million in Funding to Help Build the ‘Location Layer for the Internet,’ Better Monetize

Foursquare has announced that the company has secured $41 million in funding from private equity firm Silver Lake Waterman, as well as existing investors Andreessen Horowitz, O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, Spark Capital, and Union Square Ventures. CEO Dennis Crowley announced the funding Thursday morning. “The stuff we’re building takes a lot of work. Look at yesterday’s big update, for example. The …

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Like Facebook, Foursquare Also Looking Forward To Google Glass

Mark Zuckerberg isn’t the only social media company head anxious to get his hands on Google Glass for the betterment of his product. Dennis Crowley, CEO of Foursquare, has been talking about it as well. At Mobile World Congress, Crowley spoke about the device, and TechCrunch says he also told them “Foursquare is looking at how it can evolve along …

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Foursquare CEO Shares Hurricane Sandy Adventures

New York-based Foursquare has had to temporarily move its operations thanks to Hurricane Sandy. CEO Dennis Crowley has been sharing frequent tweets about his Frankenstorm adventure: Follow @dens Dennis Crowley @dens IT’S STARTING. I’ve never seen wind like this. Just heard a huge crash & all my neighbors are now staring at each other thru our windows.  Reply  ·  Retweet …

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4sqDay (Foursquare Day) 2012: Two Billion Check-ins Since The Holiday Began

Today is a Monday, a day after before tax day, and by all accounts nobody’s favorite day of the year. But it’s also a holiday to many social media users: 4sqDay. Or Foursquare Day, if you want to spell it out. Every April 16th since 2010, location app Foursquare celebrates the day based on a little bit of wordplay and …

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