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Foursquare Check-in Nets Cheaper Gas at Murphy USA

As gas prices have continued to climb, topping $4 in many parts of the U.S., one fuel retailer is harnessing to power of social media to bring in customers. Murphy USA, a gas station chain located adjacent to Walmarts and Sam’s Clubs, is offering a deal on gas if you check-in using Foursquare. In all of its 1,000+ locations, a …

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Daily Deals Space Gets More Crowded as AT&T Enters the Ring

Add another provider to the growing list of daily deal options for customers and businesses. Believe it or not, this one comes from another established, well-known brand (actually two well-known brands). A representative for AT&T tells WebProNews, “AT&T plans to focus on deals for real-life, every day needs including dining, personal care, home services, entertainment and travel.” The service is …

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Facebook Social Deals May Be Groupon’s “PointCast Moment”

A new offering called Facebook Social Deals was launched in five cities today. It’s a service similar to Groupon or LivingSocial, where merchants offer highly discounted, time-sensitive deals to their customers. The product is well-integrated with the overall Facebook experience, it’s not intrusive, and it has sociality built-right-in, enabling individuals to not only buy deals, but also promote them to their …

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Facebook Social Deals Uses News Feed as Advantage over Groupon, Google, LivingSocial

Facebook finally launched its new Social Deals feature today, but only in five cities in the U.S. Facebook had previously unveiled a Deals service based on check-ins to Facebook Places, but it’s been long expected that they would go more for the Groupon space. That space is getting more crowded, and many are wondering if Groupon can maintain its lead. …

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Google Offers – Is Groupon in Trouble?

I’m sure you recall when Groupon turned down a reported $6 billion offer from Google a few months back. Many (not all) thought Groupon was crazy to turn it down, considering how many daily deal/offers sites have been coming out of the woodwork, and how easy such a concept is to replicate. Do you think Google will take over as …

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eBay Buys WHERE to Expand in Local and Mobile

eBay announced today that it has agreed to acquire location media company WHERE in an effort to better position eBay in the local and mobile commerce spaces. “Local commerce companies like WHERE are blurring the lines between in-store and online shopping,” said PayPal’s Amanda Pires on the company blog. “By giving people hyper-local, relevant retailer information and deals on their …

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Groupon Acquires Pelago, Makers of Whrrl

Groupon has acquired Pelago, the makers of the Whrrl location-based service/check-in app. Pelago CEO and co-founder Jeff Holden took to the company blog to announce the news. He says: You might think at first that this is strange… But it actually makes a ton of sense. Many people think of Groupon as one thing: the inventor of the daily deal. …

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Living Social Offers Dollar Lunches in Washington D.C.

LivingSocial has a slew of dollar lunch deals today for people in Washington D.C. Beleive it or not, they’re selling out like hotcakes. The deals are incredibly popular, as you can imagine. The company is also living up to the “social” in its name. The Twitter reaction has been astounding. @CacieFacieAcacia Waller#dollarlunchday #dollarlunchday #dollarlunchday #dollarlunchday #dollarlunchday #dollarlunchday #dollarlunchday #dollarlunchday 53 …

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eBay Buys Majority Stake In Turkish Site

eBay’s international presence is growing larger in a significant way today.  eBay announced this morning that it’s taking control of GittiGidiyor, a company that was founded in 2001 and qualifies as the leading online marketplace in Turkey. eBay now owns 93 percent of outstanding GittiGidiyor shares, and although terms of the transaction were not disclosed, eBay fans and shareholders should …

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Google, IAC Extend Partnership Through 2016

Procrastination and a fear of commitment apparently didn’t enter the equation when it came to renewing a longstanding search and advertising agreement between Google and IAC.  This morning, IAC announced that the two companies have extended their deal through March of 2016. The original deal wasn’t set to expire until the end of 2012, so the timing of this development …

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Google Latitude Check-In Offers Take On Foursquare

Back in February, Google added check-ins to Google Latitude, the company’s social location-based service. The feature found its way to the iPhone a couple weeks ago. During SXSW, Google rolled out check-in offers for 60 places around Austin, Texas, and now they’ve launched check-in offers all across the United States for Android and iPhone users. “Checking in lets you share …

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Yahoo Exec Predicts Acquisition Spree

Again and again, Yahoo executives have stressed that the company isn’t going anywhere; they’ve said its search pact with Microsoft, for example, isn’t a sign that it’s giving up.  And now, one exec has made a much more forceful assertion, indicating that Yahoo intends to make lots of acquisitions this year. Steven Mitzenmacher holds the title “Senior Director, Corporate Development” …

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eBay To Buy GSI Commerce For $2.4 Billion

GSI Commerce, a public company that deals in ecommerce and interactive marketing services, should soon be the property of eBay.  eBay announced this morning that it intends to acquire GSI for a whopping $2.4 billion. GSI has built up an impressive business in some respects.  Its clients include Adidas, Bath & Body Works, FAO Schwarz, Godiva, HP, Major League Baseball, …

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Android Payments System Could Pit Google Against Groupon

Payments looks to be one of the most important battle fields on which the big tech companies are engaging. We’ve known for some time that Google would be getting into the NFC-based payment realm – in other words, you will be able to go to a restaurant or store and pay with your Android smartphone by waving or tapping, as …

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Yahoo-Delicious Sale Rumors Swirl (Again)

One way or another, it’s sounding increasingly likely that Delicious will wind up with a new owner.  After a rumor suggested last week that Yahoo had sold the property for $5 million, a report’s now claimed that Yahoo is about to sell Delicious for perhaps 30 percent of that sum. Jay Yarow, the author of the fresh report, wrote, “Yahoo …

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Google Acquires Green Parrot Pictures

Google’s interest in professional-quality video continues to rise.  This afternoon, a company called Green Parrot Pictures announced that Google’s followed up a recent series of moves in the space by acquiring it.  Google appears to have big plans for the smaller company, too. To first provide a little background info: Green Parrot Pictures was founded in 2004 and is based …

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Yahoo Sale Of Delicious For $5 Million Rumored

Four months ago, an internal Yahoo document leaked, letting the world know that Yahoo intended to “sunset” Delicious.  Now, there’s a sign Yahoo might have sold the organization for $5 million instead. To be perfectly clear: this has not been confirmed through official channels.  There aren’t even multiple anonymous sources behind the story.  But The Next Web stated this afternoon, …

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Facebook, Skype Rumored To Be In Talks Again

Fair warning: not much came of earlier rumors about this same possibility, and an identical outcome is possible this time.  But there’s word that Facebook and Skype are (again) in talks about introducing a video chat feature on the social network. Bloomberg, which is the source of the latest rumor, reported over the weekend, “Facebook Inc., the world’s biggest social-networking …

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Foursquare Partners with American Express

Foursquare and American Express have entered into a partnership that will see card users getting discounts at stores, restaurants, etc. via Foursquare. WebProNews recently exchanged a few tweets with Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley, following an article we posted questioning how Foursquare will continue to compete with Facebook and its Places service. You can see that exchange here. In a nutshell, …

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Bing Deals Launched – Find Deals Nearby

Update: A bit more information about Bing Deals…

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What Groupon Won’t Talk About

Groupon Founder and CEO Andrew Mason wrote a post on the company’s official blog about the things Groupon will not be transparent about. 

"As press interest in Groupon has grown, I’ve found myself increasingly uttering two words that have always annoyed me: ‘no comment,’" says Mason. "We like to be as transparent with our customers as possible, but, just as people don’t walk around naked, there are some things that we as a company don’t talk about (for obvious reasons)."

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Yahoo May Sell Yahoo Japan Stake To Softbank

To avoid any sense of false hype-building, we’ll admit right now: Softbank has already denied any involvement.  But rumor has it that Yahoo is in discussions to sell its stake in Yahoo Japan to Softbank, and a whole lot of people are hoping that’s the case.

Yahoo Japan is, if you’ll recall, not exactly the Yahoo most Americans know.  Yahoo only owns 33 percent of the organization, while Softbank controls a 42 percent stake.  And Yahoo Japan’s also on a different path in other respects, considering it’s arranged to make use of Google’s search tech.

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Google Buys Technical Tool Firm Zynamics

Google and/or users of some of the company’s many products may soon be a little safer.  A company called Zynamics announced today that it’s been acquired by Google, and Zynamics specializes in reverse engineering tools and vulnerability research.

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GaoPeng (The Chinese Groupon) Makes Its Debut

Groupon announced today that the Chinese group-buying portal is officially live today. The portal is funded by Groupon,  Tencent Collaboration Fund and Yunfeng Capital, and is now accepting email registrations. Deals will premier on the service in March. 

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Can Groupon Own The Deals Space?

Can Groupon own the deals space the way Google owns search? It’s hard to imagine the space being dominated by any one company. Forget for a second that it has Google and Facebook to contend with, and even LivingSocial (previously cited as its closest competitor). 

What deals sites have you tried? How successful were your campaigns? Tell us about it

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Analyst Estimate: CBS Deal Cost Netflix $200 Million

The combined value of The Andy Griffith Show, Cheers, Frasier, every Star Trek series, The Twilight Zone, and Twin Peaks is in many ways incalculable.  They’re some of the greatest series ever made.  But if anyone was wondering, the cost of yesterday’s Netflix-CBS deal was probably in the neighborhood of $200 million, according to a new estimate.

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MySpace Music, Songtrust Partner

MySpace, which has long enjoyed a reputation for being a good place for individuals to get familiar with different bands, may soon become even more useful to up-and-coming musicians.  MySpace Music has partnered with Songtrust in an effort to introduce better music publishing management services.

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Yahoo Japan Agrees To Video Deal With Ooyala

Yahoo Japan’s approach to online video technology will soon change a great deal.  Indeed, the company’s partnered with Ooyala, an online video specialist, and its tech is supposed to be incorporated into just about everything Yahoo Japan owns.

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Groupon Has “Invisibility Cloak Wednesdays”

Groupon has posted a video showing off what a typical Wednesday looks like at the Groupon headquarters.

It’s almost as if nobody’s there at all…

Groupon says the video is an "effort to remain transparent." 


It could turn into a nice little viral video to follow up the ill-concieved Super Bowl spots.

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Local Deals Company DealOn Acquired by ReachLocal

Local marketing firm ReachLocal announced that it has acquired New York-based Deals company DealOn, as company’s everywhere try to get in on the hot local deals goldrush. ReachLocal is paying $10 million for the acquisition. 

"This will allow ReachLocal to enable other deal sites and publishers to supply and/or resell deals, as well as greatly improve Deals sourcing, syndication and personalization for the industry as a whole," a representative for ReachLocal tells WebProNews.

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eBay, Telefonica Agree To Major App Deal

Mobile purchases – which were already becoming much more common – may soon really increase in frequency in the UK.  eBay and Telefonica have struck a two-year deal that will see eBay apps and/or links preloaded on most of the phones O2 sells in the region.

This move’s rather significant.  For starters, eBay’s already one of the first sites many people visit when shopping for something online, and with 22 million customers, O2 is the second-largest mobile telecommunications provider in the UK.

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Criterion Collection Comes To Hulu Plus

Film students, movie buffs, and people who are simply budget-minded now have more reason than ever to join Hulu Plus.  A new deal will see hundreds of Criterion Collection movies become available through the service without commercial interruption and at no extra charge.

The Criterion Collection is legendary in some circles.  Since 1984, it’s specialized in high-quality editions of rare, critically acclaimed films.  Prices can top $100 per movie, and sometimes just hundreds of copies are sold.

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Groupon Launches as Stardeals in Australia

Groupon has officially launched in Australia, under the brand Stardeals. Why not Groupon? Because A company previously known as "Scoopon" has the rights to that name in Australia at the moment. 

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CitySearch Launches Daily Deals Aggregator

Taking advantage of all the buzz about daily deals, CitySearch has taken it upon itself to provide a convenient way for user to check out available deals from one spot (an iPhone or Android app). 

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YouTube, LG Partner Over Mobile 3D Video

Owners of Android smartphones made by LG may soon begin to lead the way when it comes to mobile 3D video.  YouTube and LG announced a partnership this morning that will result in users being able to view, record, and share 3D clips without glasses.

Compared to needing spectacles and being limited to a handful of special big screens, this arrangement should provide viewers with a more convenient experience.  It also promises to increase the selection of content available.

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Report: Ad Startup Rejects Google Acquisition Bid

As a rule, Google doesn’t put out press releases when it fails to acquire companies, making a new rumor difficult to confirm.  But the search giant may have tried to purchase an advertising firm called Admeld, and, despite having a solid reputation and more cash than many countries, been unsuccessful.

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More Lawmakers Express Concerns Over Google-ITA Deal

The passage of time doesn’t seem to be working in Google’s favor when it comes to the company’s proposed acquisition of ITA Software.  More than six months after the deal was announced, three additional lawmakers have decided that extra scrutiny is needed.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, Representative Howard Coble, and Representative Thomas Petri all wrote to Assistant Attorney General Christine Varney to express their concerns.  They didn’t entirely condemn the arrangement, but the mere existence of their letters is a bad enough sign.

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Groupon Pulls Controversial Ads, Apologizes Again

On Super Bowl Sunday, Groupon began running some ads that that some people found offensive. After the widespread outcries, Groupon CEO Andrew Mason posted an apology/explanation on the company’s blog. 

Still, talk of the ads has hardly died down. Conan O’Brien has been ripping into them all week long. 

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Acquisition Rumors Again Connect Google, Next New Networks

Rumors have indicated that Google could acquire a company called Next New Networks since at least December, and as of now, neither company has anything to announce.  A new round of reports has surfaced, however, indicating that the purchase might soon occur.

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Facebook, Google Said To Offer $8B-$10B For Twitter

No one’s claimed a sale is going to take place – much the opposite, in fact – but if new rumors are to be believed, two very important corporations are interested in paying top dollar for Twitter.  Facebook and Google have supposedly both been involved in discussions in which figures as high as $10 billion came up.

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Local Discounts Provided by LivingSocial on announced it’s offering discounts provided by LivingSocial in 130 markets – that’s all the markets LivingSocial is currently active in. 

Deals are accessible through a mix of feeds and local media placements. LivingSocial will also be the headlining daily deal company in’s upcoming "Insider Deal" marketplace, an online discount center.

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Groupon Defends Its Super Bowl Ads

Groupon made a lot of noise with its Super Bowl commercials. Initially, before they ever aired, the simple fact that they were advertising before the Super Bowl was interesting news in itself. It would give a growing company mass exposure, and potentially make it a household name. As competition mounts in the daily deals space, extending that brand lead would seem crucial. 

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Over the next few days, onlookers shouldn’t be surprised if the mix of questions on begins to favor inquiries of the "what kind of ____ should I buy?" variety.  Fans may have some extra money coming to them, as announced this morning that it’s being acquired for $127 million.

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Stewart, Colbert Return To Hulu

Eleven months ago, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report were pulled from Hulu.  Fans complained in response.  Now the shows are back thanks to a wider deal between Hulu and Viacom, and Hulu’s CEO, Jason Kilar, has also revealed some interesting stats and opinions regarding the site’s performance and the future of television.

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Google Offers on the Way, Should Groupon Have Sold?

Google has a new project in the works that appears to be a direct competitor to Groupon. It’s called Google Offers. According to an official fact sheet about the product, obtained by Mashable, Google Offers is "a new product to help potential customers and clientele find great deals in their area through a daily email."

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Rumor: Path Turns Down $100M Offer From Google

Google may be losing some of its charm.  Two months after Groupon supposedly turned down an acquisition offer worth $6 billion, rumors indicate that a small company called Path has declined an offer worth an initial $100 million.

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Where Can Groupon-Like Services Go with Geo?

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m liking Groupon, SwarmJam, and other email-driven and mobile local coupon deals.. heck, what’s not to like about the service?

Indeed, I’ve been pretty skeptical about the insane valuations being thrown around about Groupon, although Google and their recent announcement to jump into this lucrative space may derail the huge valuation of Groupon… wait and see I guess. So how popular has Groupon, Living Social and other services become??

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Netflix Announces Work On Facebook Integration

Netflix, which for better or worse possesses a rather unique ability to entertain solitary users for hours on end, is about to get both more social and more specific.  The company has informed shareholders that it will connect with Facebook in order to develop personal Netflix accounts.

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Is Facebook’s New “Buy with Friends” a Hint at Bigger Things to Come?

Facebook is all about friends, so it stands to reason that friends be the main facilitators of marketing through the social network. This is a sentiment driven home by Facebook’s new Sponsored Stories, as well as another new product they’re testing called "Buy With Friends". 

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Yahoo7 Purchases Group Buying Site For $40 Million

Yahoo7, which is the product of a partnership between Yahoo and the Seven Network in Australia, is now also part of the group buying phenomenon.  Yahoo7 announced today that it’s acquired Spreets, a group buying site with 500,000 members.

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