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Daylight Saving Time: Is It Slowly Going Away?

Daylight saving time seems to be very unpopular these days. While many people don’t mind resetting their clocks twice a year, or just keeping track of which half of the year their clocks are correct, many do. The animosity toward daylight saving time has sparked a couple of states this year to introduce legislation to have it abolished. These states …

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Daylight Saving Time: An Interesting History

Daylight saving time is coming up on November 2nd. Most states, excluding Hawaii and Arizona, will turn back the clocks to 11:00 when 11:59 rolls around. Remember the old “spring foward, fall back” rule? The time change is not enthusiastically embraced by everyone, like parents who complain that their children will be headed to school in the dark. However, the …

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Daylight Saving Time: Everyone Hates It at Least Once a Year

Daylight Saving Time (DST) was probably a good idea when it started. But a lot of people now argue that it has outlived its usefulness, a relic of an age of wartime concerns and weak power plants. But before we dig into that, a brief grammar police diversion: The term is “daylight saving time,” not “daylight savingS time”. Some even …

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Daylight Saving Time Ends, But Not for Everyone in the US

It’s that time again! Leaves falling from trees, transforming into beautiful shades of brown, yellow, orange and red. Holidays are near, with cooler weather on the way; daylight grows shorter with nightfall approaching as early as 5:00pm. Autumn is here, so it’s time to fall back! The biannual clock changing time is approaching yet again, so everyone should make preparations …

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Daylight Saving Ends On November 3

While many Americans are knowingly looking forward to Halloween festivities this Thursday, a lesser known reason to celebrate is also coming to the population this week. On Sunday, an extra hour of sleep awaits the American public, just as sweet to college students, working parents, and other members of the sleep-deprived masses as any piece of candy could hope to …

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Hate Daylight Saving Time? Here’s a Petition for You

If you woke up this morning in a haze and needed an extra cup or four of coffee to get going, you can probably blame Daylight Saving Time. Or your hangover. But probably DST. On Sunday morning at 2:00am our clocks jumped an hour ahead, forcing millions to lose out on a crucial hour of weekend sleep. If you think …

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