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Daylight Saving Time Ends, But Not for Everyone in the US

It’s that time again! Leaves falling from trees, transforming into beautiful shades of brown, yellow, orange and red. Holidays are near, with cooler weather on the way; daylight grows shorter with nightfall approaching as early as 5:00pm. Autumn is here, …

Daylight Saving Ends On November 3
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While many Americans are knowingly looking forward to Halloween festivities this Thursday, a lesser known reason to celebrate is also coming to the population this week. On Sunday, an extra hour of sleep awaits the American public, just as sweet …

Hate Daylight Saving Time? Here’s a Petition for You
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If you woke up this morning in a haze and needed an extra cup or four of coffee to get going, you can probably blame Daylight Saving Time. Or your hangover. But probably DST. On Sunday morning at 2:00am our …