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Facebook To Change Data Retention Policies Facebook To Change Data Retention Policies
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As you may recall, late last month, Facebook and the Federal Trade Commission announced that they had reached a settlement with regards to Facebook privacy. I won’t get into all of the details about that again, but it required Facebook …

Wireless Carriers Keep Your “Private” Data For a Long, Long Time Wireless Carriers Keep Your “Private” Data For a Long, Long Time
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When it comes to data retention, most of us know by now that there are multitudes of different people who hold on to your “private” data for various reasons. Of course, this is why your “private” data isn’t really “private” …

Yahoo Extends Search Record Retention Yahoo Extends Search Record Retention
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Search company Yahoo has announced a change in their data retention policy that is sure to hit the radar of many privacy advocates. The company says that it will extend the amount of time it holds on to user search …

New Data Retention Laws in Germany

Last week, Germany’s ruling parties – a coalition of SPD & CDU, with efforts in the digital area recently spearheaded by minister of interior Wolfgang Schäuble (pictured) – passed a bill for new data retention laws*.

Microsoft Joins Ask In Call For Privacy
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Search engines have faced mounting scrutiny over their data retention and privacy practices, and Microsoft and Ask likely wish to head off potential increases in federal scrutiny.

Google To Watchdog: Mind Your Own Business
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Peter Fleischer, Google’s top global privacy counsel, said data retention issues are of no concern to a European privacy watchdog group.

EU Investigation Goes Beyond Google
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When the European Union confronted Google over its data retention policies, some people – including Google’s own global privacy counsel – wondered why Yahoo, Microsoft, and a number of other companies were left alone.  Now it appears that the EU is going to take a look at them, after all.

EU Challenges Google On Data Retention
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Two years may be too long to keep search information without some kind of justification, according to the European Union.