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Obama’s New App Puts a Lot of Trust in Volunteers’ Scruples

Even the people living under rocks know that this is a presidential election year in the United States, meaning both candidates, President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney, have been amping up the ways to get out the vote. As it’s no longer reliable to simply put all of a campaign’s eggs in the basket of a million-dollar television ad …

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Google Webmaster Tools Gets Better Navigation, New Dashboard

Google is continually updating its Webmaster Tools to bring the best features to users. This week brings some pretty major changes in the form of an updated navigation, new dashboard, and a compact view for the home page site-list. The features that you know and love in Webmaster Tools have been regrouped which facilitated a change in the navigation structure. …

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Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Makes Questionable Changes

If you’re connected to Xbox Live, then today you’ll enjoy an update to the Xbox 360 dashboard. Generally, Microsoft will make some cosmetic changes and perhaps add new features or menus to try and make the interface more accessible and interesting. With their latest update, they’ve instead decided to make things a tad more difficult for people and mess with …

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